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  • monkeymanlives monkeymanlives Nov 9, 2011 3:09 PM Flag

    ABT split and....

    acquisition of BSX... Drug-eluting stents are all the rage. Good chemistry w XIENCE. Seem likely?

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    • Tidetrol

      Thanks again for the insight. Is this strut issue significant enough to keep FDA from granting Full Market approval?

      I fully realize this is a hot topic and you have already giving me some interesting info. Enough info that I am looking in a different direction now.

      Thanks again

    • The currently exposed issue with the bioabsorbable is strut fracture; which is bad enough.

      This bandaid has a long way to go before it's viable technology. The bars are set a lot higher today for use and acceptance then they were when the first stents were introduced.

    • Tidetrol

      I appreciate your insight. I am sure that all big three are working on bioabsorbable or at least taking a very serious look at it. Do you see all three coming up against the same obstacle? The breaking off of a piece of not yet dissolved stent six months to a year post implant or so and it going downstream issue.

      Thanks I'm learning I like it.

    • No harm no foul. Most everything rolls off like water from the back of a loon.

      I ran into someone a couple weeks ago that is working on a peripheral vascular project that I believe, very strongly, can help one of the current stent players working with bioabsorbables deliver a safe solution to managing the pieces of the dissolving stent until they are small enough not to cause a problem downstream.

      Like everything else, there are a couple major hurdles...but any of the big three in the industry already have 80% of the tools needed to clear the hurdles....and I know BSC has an 'old Scimed tool' they could dust the rust off of to help deliver the solution; the question is...who to talk to! The intellectual property associated with that old device has got to be expired by now; which would probably pave the way for others to build on what it was.

    • Tidetrol

      I had thought you had been around this for a while. I had no intention of speaking down to you in any way shape or form. If it was taken that way please accept my apologies. I am from other side of this cardiac industry (pacers, defib CRT-d)

      I will keep that in mind in the future.

      I would be interested to hear your views in more detail on what you see as the future of bioabsorbable. If it is dramatically different then mine?

    • ABT has the superior bioabsorbable stent, why would they want BSX junk stents? BSX is losing revenues, why would anybody buy a sinking ship?

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