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  • thomsonprinting thomsonprinting Nov 16, 2011 12:25 PM Flag

    Where id everyone go? HA HA

    So I am a fool when the stock is going up a little bit, but when the stock is tanking, erasing 5 days worth of gains in 2 hours and heading back to new all times lows everyone goes quite? I have been trading this stock for 3 YEARS I know it, it will ONLY trend lower till it hits 3 then someone will buy it

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    • Why it keeps going down every day. Market is up again today, BSX is negative. With the debt super committee in a stalemate, Europe a nightmare, this market is going to go back to 11,000 which means BSX will probably go under $5.

    • I would get out here and take those profits. I am sure you have some.

      Also remember 4th quarter is historicly BSX's best quarter. Do not wait to take what you have made.

    • I have been on the right side of the trade for the past six months. So while your life tickes away and you are not making ANY money on this trade so you have your cash stuck. I am on the other hand and can get out at any point with some nice profits.

    • You are wrong stock was not in the 40's in 2007 You are flat out wrong. I was in this in 2007. I have been in this since 2006. It was 22.36 in April 2006 when I bought in.

      Guidant stock converted to BSX stock at the price I quoted in 2006. I remember it very clearly.

      I did not buy any stock in this corporation between 2006 and 2009. Then in end of 2009 I started seeing a stock price in the 7's or lower and I started buying. And have been buying since then.

      Am I underwater? yes I am at these levels. I never owned this stock in the 40's or the 30's or even the high 20's But since I am buying in the 7 to 5 dollar range I have brought my cost average way way down.

      Absolutely no way I have lost 80 percent of my value. Like I said earlier last summer 2010 when it hit 5.14 yes I was buying then also.

      We get back to 7 I am probably about even due to the number of shares I bought below 7.

      I will argue that point.

      So 80 percent value lost is way off the mark for me.

    • You are the one that made the statement. BSX has lost all its value in the past month compared to broader market not me.

      Hence the one month chart. I am long term 5 years or more.

      I'm not kidding you

      Good luck to ya being short. You will be on the wrong side again.

    • Your chart only goes for this month! Are you kidding me, you consider yourself a long term investor for over a month? I have been on this wild ride for 3 years having finally thrown in the towel on being long and am now making money as a short! All I am saying is that over the past 5 years the way to make money on BSX is ONLY as a short.

    • Your kidding me right, you are that dumb?

      Since 2007 this stock has gone from a high of over 40 to it's current position of under 6 . . . that is a horrible investment, that is more than 80% loss. Now let's see you argue that!!!! Go ahead tell me I am worng.

    • Thomsonprinting

      link still did not come through with the comaprison. So click on link provided then click on Compare and then S & P 500 and draw and see for yourself.

      They are identical. No value lost against broader market


      Link didn't come through with comparison Let me try again.

    • Oh talk about about a fool!!!!

      Thomson printing

      I hope you realize that you have an uncanny ability to post at the lows of a giving day!!

      I am not quiet. I'll spit the truth!

      Lows of the month? I do not think so. I do not see 5.30 anywhere on my screen. I would implore you to buy at the exact time you feel a need to post and become a day trader. You will be better off.

      Long I am no fool I am 5 years long.

      Good luck to you.

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