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  • bejupete bejupete Nov 25, 2011 11:53 PM Flag


    Who got sucked in on the day of the news?

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    • For some reason after I posted that when you hit previous message it jumps to something else. The post was made in this train of messages on 2 FEB at 10:48 A.M. (The day of earnings announcement) when I sold at 5.78

    • BSX Declines

      The previous message is the only message were I said anything about it going into the low 5's. I think you took what I said out of context. My perception

    • understand your restrictions. Would you be allowed to sell calls against your position? Yesterday you could have sold the Feb $5 calls for $1.50, giving you a nice gain on your 5.25 shares and ALMOST ensuring that the 3k were gone in a couple of weeks.

    • UCF Dad

      I really wanted to sell above 6 but I can not trade between end of quarter and before earnings announcement otherwise I would have sold above 6. I have now bought 4 times in low 5's and sold 4 times in high 5's since THanksgiving. I am hoping to do it again If I see this stock go into the 5.20 range I'll start buying again. I will not try to ride it above 6.10 It has not broke the 6.15 to 6.20 range in a long time and I do not see this news today being any kind of a driver that could cause that resistance level to break. However we may go test that all time low again if we do I'll buy just above it.

      Who knows which way it will go I just know what I'll do when it does what it does. For now I'm sitting out with my short term money and still in with long term money.

      Good talking to ya

    • nice trade, and way to conquer greed.

      I had thought with jnj getting out of one of their markets, and the reduction in headcount bsx would have done well for the Q, but somehow they again found a way to disappoint.

      reductions in medicare, along with millions more without insurance will probably NOT improve the bsx business, so long term, who knows where the stock will go?

      best time to take profits is BEFORE they slip away!

    • UCF DAD

      Just sold all BSX shares that I had in my short term account. Remember those three purchases I did in Dec. that had a cost average of 5.26 per share Just sold all 3 purchases at 5.78.

      I had a nice 10 percent profit on the table I did not want to lose. I have no sense of which way this will go today from here. So why risk it.

    • okay, my 3k excess is gone @ 5.27

      back to 'normal' load of 3k, and not too unhappy.

      looks like a bigger fish than me had a trigger @5.30 and killed today's little pop.

      merry Christmas to all, and to BSX, a good-night! Thanks for a very good year.

    • a substance that makes one feel satisfied without actually doing any good.

      we had to eat that stuff as kids.

    • Forgive me for being ignorant but what does "pablum" mean

    • I don't think it is intentional, but a common reaction to buybacks.

      In my book, dividend increases and stock buybacks by the B.O.D. are an admission that they have no idea how to grow the company and are pablum for the shareholders.

      just mho.

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