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  • bejupete bejupete Nov 25, 2011 11:53 PM Flag


    Who got sucked in on the day of the news?

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    • I did.

      Actually I wanted to but was not unable to get the money into the proper account quick enough so I got in last Friday at 5.36.

      For me this is my first venture into trying to trade the range. So it is for a very small amount 1K bucks. I know what I will do if it goes down to 5 dollars per share. I will cost average down.

      I am looking to go to 5.90 then I'll sell and take a small profit. I have been watching UCF dad do this for a while and have learned.

      So yeah I got sucked in for a short term play. This is something I am trying that is way different then my long term money. 5 years out or greater that I have in this stock.

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      • you did well! Wish I had overloaded down there, but have been killed by greed too many times and no longer go more than 3 1k lots.

        It's not about knowing what the market or a stock is going to do, but about knowing what you are going to do when the stock does what it does. oh yuh, then actually doing it instead of sitting here telling myself I am right and the market is wrong.

        good trade on your part. I will unload 1/3 above 5.95 and continue working the plan until the plan stops working. it sure is working slower these last few months.

        You are way ahead of me with your 5.36 buy.

        trade well!

    • I wish I could buy more!!!

    • UCF dad

      Let me clarify. 5.14 is our 15 year low intraday. If we close at 5.20 it will be the lowest closing price in 15 years. I think your last buy will rock.

    • still in, but thinking about calling it quits. reasons?

      It's been months since we have had a stable trading range with a 20-25 cent daily move.

      millions of people my age are unemployed, never returning to work. These people represent 2 groups- investors and customers for medical devices. We are getting out of the market, never to return, and are mostly uninsured.

      medicare scheduled to reduce payments to Dr's by 27% in 2012. medicaid in all states is in real trouble.

      "The market" as defined by the DOW has held up well, but most everything non-DOW is trading near 52 week or record lows. Unlike years past, the DOW moves up,but before the secondary and third level stocks follow, the DOW drops and pushes everything underneath even lower.

      Every day the markets are driven by 'news,' scandals, or other fraud, and nobody has confidence in the markets, the financial professionals, or the governments of not just the U.S., but the world.

      am I too pessimistic?

    • reminds me of the old airtran board. there were a bunch of us who traded it regularly, and one of them said he could make a good living buying 5 hours after I bought, and selling a day after I sold.

      he was right.

      sure wish my average was 5.26. heck, you can sell the january 5 calls now and be up .06!!!!

    • UCF DAD

      Just sold all BSX shares that I had in my short term account. Remember those three purchases I did in Dec. that had a cost average of 5.26 per share Just sold all 3 purchases at 5.78.

      I had a nice 10 percent profit on the table I did not want to lose. I have no sense of which way this will go today from here. So why risk it.

    • you had better be right! just bought 2k more @ 5.21, putting me at double my limit.

      sure would be nice to get back down to 3k this week.

    • okay, my 3k excess is gone @ 5.27

      back to 'normal' load of 3k, and not too unhappy.

      looks like a bigger fish than me had a trigger @5.30 and killed today's little pop.

      merry Christmas to all, and to BSX, a good-night! Thanks for a very good year.

    • well, here is your chance for sub 5.40!

      overloading here with 1k more @ 5.38.. Sorry, it's probably the kiss of death for all the longs.

    • Turns out you were right to sell at 5.23. at least you sold that then bought back in lower.

      Name of the game.

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