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  • bejupete bejupete Nov 25, 2011 11:53 PM Flag


    Who got sucked in on the day of the news?

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    • I did.

      Actually I wanted to but was not unable to get the money into the proper account quick enough so I got in last Friday at 5.36.

      For me this is my first venture into trying to trade the range. So it is for a very small amount 1K bucks. I know what I will do if it goes down to 5 dollars per share. I will cost average down.

      I am looking to go to 5.90 then I'll sell and take a small profit. I have been watching UCF dad do this for a while and have learned.

      So yeah I got sucked in for a short term play. This is something I am trying that is way different then my long term money. 5 years out or greater that I have in this stock.

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      • you did well! Wish I had overloaded down there, but have been killed by greed too many times and no longer go more than 3 1k lots.

        It's not about knowing what the market or a stock is going to do, but about knowing what you are going to do when the stock does what it does. oh yuh, then actually doing it instead of sitting here telling myself I am right and the market is wrong.

        good trade on your part. I will unload 1/3 above 5.95 and continue working the plan until the plan stops working. it sure is working slower these last few months.

        You are way ahead of me with your 5.36 buy.

        trade well!

    • I wish I could buy more!!!

    • In for 1 K here at 5.48. I was trying to hold for something below 5.40 but I do not think I am going to get that. SO I am in here.

    • well, here is your chance for sub 5.40!

      overloading here with 1k more @ 5.38.. Sorry, it's probably the kiss of death for all the longs.

    • Yup I should have stuck to my original plan as opposed to being afraid that I will miss the rise. I guess I will wait for it to go down to 5.10 to 5.15 before I double down now.

    • 5.10-5.15??

      perish at the thought.

      just dammmm! gonna take a while to work out of this 'dip.'

    • I'm not saying it is going there. I do not know. but since I was a little premature in this buy I will wait longer on the next, if it goes down to the all time record low of 5.14 recorded in the summer of 2010. For a year that is what yahoo key statistics carried as the 52 week low till about 4 or 5 months ago. SO that is the 15 year low. If it gets into that range I will double down if not I will sit on what I got and be happy.

      Like you say I do not know what it will do but I know what i will do when it does what it is going to do. Good luck to ya

    • In here for another 1K at 5.27 that brings my cost average to 5.38 consider my previous buy at 5.48

    • still in, but thinking about calling it quits. reasons?

      It's been months since we have had a stable trading range with a 20-25 cent daily move.

      millions of people my age are unemployed, never returning to work. These people represent 2 groups- investors and customers for medical devices. We are getting out of the market, never to return, and are mostly uninsured.

      medicare scheduled to reduce payments to Dr's by 27% in 2012. medicaid in all states is in real trouble.

      "The market" as defined by the DOW has held up well, but most everything non-DOW is trading near 52 week or record lows. Unlike years past, the DOW moves up,but before the secondary and third level stocks follow, the DOW drops and pushes everything underneath even lower.

      Every day the markets are driven by 'news,' scandals, or other fraud, and nobody has confidence in the markets, the financial professionals, or the governments of not just the U.S., but the world.

      am I too pessimistic?

    • UCF Dad
      I believe you are to pessimistic. Here is why.

      I think the U.S. is currently being driven too much by news coming out of Europe. I think our own U.S. ecomony is in recovery. I know that historicly 4th quarter for BSX or formerly Guidant has been strongest quarter for like past 10 years. Could that change that BSX CRV is currently having there best quarter......... entirely possible but I am willing to go with history. Also IRS tax issue is a concern of mine with BSX. I believe it is this reason as to why we are at 15 year lows right now. If it wasn't for that I think we would still be in 6 dollar range.

      Another thing I am considering is my small cap fund and mid cap funds in my 401 K are outperforming everything else in my 401 K I see no reason that will change.

      Just my thoughts

      So worst case scenario 4th quarter sucks for BSX. Eurozone breaks apart. U.S. economy still chugs along at mild gowth rate. I have to hold till after earnings in late Jan. and I lose couple hundred bucks. Selling after earnings.

      Best case scenario

      Europe gets its act together U.S. through Christmas season spends more then expected. BSX has a rocking 4th quarter and also buys back a boat load of shares and BSX hits 7 by end of Jan. I make 5 to 6 hundred.

      I think upside potential is still stronger then downside from the 5.25 range. It is at or very near a 15 year low. It can't go down forever. BSX is not going to bankrupcy. That is not possible.

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