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  • richeydouglas Feb 13, 2012 4:24 PM Flag

    "Investment Grade" Yippi Ki Yaaa

    It was only a matter of time. Fundamentally company is doing what they need to do. I feel they know what it is going to take to be # 1 in the industry.

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    • I have to admit I find it odd that I get a little icon on my computer that shows Jellviet (Jellviet had messages deleted by yahoo.... why I do not know) is on line. and 3 minutes later I see a post from Pet_Detective. I am fairly sure there is double alias's going on ....on this message board. I may have been wrong (and now think I am) on the fact that BSX Declines was playing this game.

      I will reframe from making further posts as I think the board is finding this boring. I will only make posts that contains links to current news or if someone asks me a question directly or if I make a buy or sell of stock. I am not interested in playing this game

    • Nice try on your part, the horse is already on the way to the glue factory, too late! You're just spamming up the board with multiple aliases trashing other companies and pretending BSX makes infallible products. Well good luck with that!

      Speaking of BSX, how come COV, MDT, and JNJ have larger revenues than BSX? Even SYK and BDX make more revenue than BSX now. If BSX "management" knows "what it is going to take to be # 1 in the industry", when will that happen? On what date will BSX overtake SYK, BDX, and COV? On what date will BSX overtake MDT? On what date will BSX overtake JNJ? These are the questions that need to be answered. If BSX cannot overtake these companies, then BSX is not #1, not by a long shot.

    • MDT has annual revenues around $16 billion. COV has annual revenues around $11 billion. JNJ's MD&D business has revenues over $22 billion. All of these companies pay decent dividends.

      Minnow BSX had 2011 annual revenue of $7.6 billion, and pays no dividend to the shareholders. In order for BSX to overtake MDT, they would have to more than double their revenue overnight. In order for BSX to overtake JNJ's MD&D business, they would have to triple their revenue overnight. It has taken BSX 32 years to reach the $7.6 billion revenue number, what makes you think BSX is going to become #1 in the industry all of a sudden? How is BSX going to double or triple their revenues overnight?

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