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  • retiredinva retiredinva Feb 22, 2012 5:48 PM Flag

    Bid - 5.90, ask - 5.95, last 5.95!

    So much for "company" news releases!!

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    • You should really ignore afterhours. It's fine for APPL stock when funds can manipulate it to their liking/advantage with higher volumes/demands. With BSX, it won't work! There has not been not much enthusiasm about BSX recently. Everyone is in sleep mode. The last thing they look for is an announcement from BSX. I bet you if the news came out that JNJ is buying BSX for $12, you will not see any reaction afterhours. Even if you do, it will with limited volumes of less than 50K, probably someone trying to get $6.50 for 100 shares :)

      Just go to sleep and we will see what reaction it gets tomorrow.

      If I were the BSX management, I would release upbeat news like this at 9:25 (EST) just before the opening. That way you will get a quick, insane reaction to the upside.

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      • Someone recently told me that the Boston Scientific management intentionally tries to subdue any good news that could potentially move the stock upward by posting it after 3:00PM (CST) to allow more maniuplation afterhours to make it look like the news was not good or anything substantiative.

        This way they can keep the price low in order to keep accumulating cheap shares and buying back company shares at subdued levels.

        Shame on BSX management! Shame on anyone who knowingly maniuplates this stock to take advantage!

        How long are you going to keep doing that? At some point you have to let the lion leave the cage and roar freely outside. This is the only was to unleash the potential of this stock. Do not be greedy forever! Let it go! Let the stock fly!

      • That's why this stock is a pos - "The Management" is brain dead!

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