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  • bsx_pro bsx_pro May 24, 2012 8:53 PM Flag



    I just read yer post. It sure does take you a lot of words to say nothing!

    Here's part of my original post:

    "Technically speaking, there will probably be more downside action."

    So you do see that has happened, right?

    "A drop to at least $5.70 will be necessary for some back-filling."

    So far, its dropped as far as 5.78, meaning its EIGHT CENTS from the price I mentioned, still with me?

    It might be easier for us if you get yer kid to read for you, because NO WHERE in my post did I say 'CLOSING PRICE', can you see that now, or do you feel you have to give us another family members resume?

    In that same post I mentioned the two MA's, and the fact that they MAY cross one another.

    I didn't say this week, or next. I simply mentioned the possibility.

    If I were you, I'd hold back on the arrogance, seeing how you can't even read SIX sentences without getting confused.

    If what you wrote is true, I think the kid with the Sixth Grade reading skills is WAAAY better than you.

    I would, however, like to point out (from your chart) that we are trading UNDER both the 20 DMA AND the 50 DMA.

    Today's close is only four cents above the 200 DMA. So once again, BSX is under-performing, which is pretty much what I was saying on Monday.

    Also, please note, there were no slams against anyone, no insults, no emotions at all.

    At least not until you had to get smart with this reply:

    So in closing, I think it would be best if you READ more, and posted LESS!


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