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  • liketoloadup liketoloadup May 9, 2012 1:33 PM Flag


    BSX should be up at least 4% or 25 cents.

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    • Technically speaking, there will probably be more downside action.

      I'm not saying now, but it would make the most sense, being so close.

      A drop to at least $5.70 will be necessary for some back-filling.

      And if/when that happens, that Double-Kiss I mentioned a month ago may very well turn into a Death Cross (Dead Cross).

      The Death Cross, Ooohhhh, doesn't that sound scary?

      It could happen.

    • So in order to get a 1 penny move to the downside on the 50 dma we need a closing price today of $5.38. Tomorrow we would need a closing price 50 cents below what the trading price was 50 days ago from tomorrow or on 15 mar it closed at $6.00 so tomorrow we would have to close at $5.50 and so on we would need 15 days or 3 weeks (5 trading days in a week) to the severe downside. The reason we would need 15 days of this type of trading action is we are 14 cents apart today on the 50 dma and the 200 dma we have to make up 15 cents for your death cross scenario to come true that would be for it to happen in 15 days. Problem is the 200 dma is also going down so we might actually need a little more downside then the prices I have mentioned. to get your death cross scenario to play out.

      45 days of closing price of 5.70 or below might get us there but that is 3 months almost of trading time.

      So again I got to say I do not see it happening. So that leaves one question.

      Was it a lack of knowledge or an attempt to be deceptive? I guess each individual reader of this board will have to make that call for themselves. as none of us can truly read your mind.

    • Bsx Declines

      OK Gotcha Loud and clear.

      See ya around

    • BSX stock will be down as long as the EVA remains negative. St Jude has a positive EVA value.

    • BSX Declines blows pro

      You get what ya give in this world.

      If you can not reframe from name calling. You'll get what ya give. That simple.

      So that is a no on the Olive Branch offer?

      It is a sincere offer. I obviously can only speak for myself. So if you want to have mature, non name calling non slamming conversations. Let it start now. Draw a line in the sand from this point forward. Do not stoop to such activities.

      So I'll ask again

      Do you want to accept the proverbial Olive Branch?

      I can assure you I will not put you on ignore.

    • BSX_Pro Declines blows

      I think I do not even have to address the anger and hatred parts of my previous post. I think your last post pretty much makes my arguement for me.

      Since you have made in this train of meessages 2 references to my offspring (One being I should not be allowed to reproduce) The other being (I have a teenage second grader)

      I cannot help myself I am a proud father of a 8 year old beautiful little girl that has just completed the second grade. So now she is a 3rd grader. And Oh by the way she finished top in her class at one of the best schools in the city. And on the mandatory national reading and comprehension tests that all second graders have to take in this nation. She finished in the 99th percentile in the nation. (Meaning 99 out of 100 second graders finished below her) She is currently reading at an above 6th grade level. I am very proud of her. So yes you are correct the apple does not fall far from the tree.

      Also do you really want to be know on this board as the guy who tries to get under someone's skin by insulting his children? Really?

      So we have addressed hatred anger and my daughter. So what does that leave? Deception and OH the accuracy of your technical assessment How could I possibly forget that.

      "A drop to at leaset $5.70 will be necessary for some back filling"

      IF we use the closing price since you have made that post yesterdays close at $5.91 would be the closest we came to $5.70 So that would be a negative on that coming true so far.

      If we use intra-day price the lowest we have seen was $5.78 yesterday. So again that would be a negative on that at first glance. When you made that statement the price was $5.99 at the time of the statement. So if we give you every benefit and use the intraday price your statement at best is 72.42% accurate. or meaning we have progressed from the time you made the statement 72.42% of the way to your statement coming true. Being as kind and fair as I possible can be 72.42% would not make for a good wall street analyst or for a medical device getting approval from the FDA. Your statements have to be more accurate then that for both those guys. In fact a miss by a penny on EPS by a wall street analyst can get him hammered.

      SO let's analyze the possibility of a double kiss or death cross scenario as you mentioned. Maybe you'll do better on that part of technical assessment.

      To get a 20 day moving average (dma) to move one penny from one day to the next you have to be 20 cents above or 20 cents below where the stock price was 20 trading days ago. Likewise for the 50 dma you have to be 50 cents above or below to get the 50 dma to move one penny from one day to the next. or the 200 dma to move 1 penny from one day to the next you would have to be 2 dollars above or $2.00 below were it was 200 trading days ago. See the pattern here.

      Or you could halve the difference from say the trading price 50 days ago and double the time. for example $.25 below what the closing price was 50 trading days ago would cause the 50 day moving average to go down a half a penny.

      So let's look at where the 50 dma and the 200 dma to get your death cross scenario. The 50 dma is currently $6.01 the 200 dma is $5.87 50 trading days ago the stock price was 5.88 at the close on 14th of March.;range=3m;compare=;indicator=sma(20,200,50)+volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

    • I really think we need your kid to read FOR YOU, as you are TRYING to start trouble by misreading my innocuous post.

      I NEVER said this week, OR next. I simply said it MAY happen, and after the Death Cross comment, I said it COULD happen.

      YOU are very troubled, twisting my words to mean something YOU want them to.

      Lets not forget, YOU are the one that started this vindictive discussion. I was merely posting what I saw from a TA standpoint.

      Just because you can't read, don't point an accusatory finger at me.

      Point it at you, where it belongs.

      Now grow up!

    • I thought that your question was a very good one. Why is St. Jude up 4 percent today. So I click over to their stock page on yahoo and read the first headline.

      St. Jude came out with a new ICD today. Hence the stock price is going up so I read on about this new defibrillator and all the article talks about is this great new shape designed to enhance patient comfort and on and on it goes about this shape.

      Then I look at the picture and see what looks like the shape of a Boston Scientific device. I'm thinking this is not new and innovative it is almost identical to the BSX shaped device. (which is patented) THis is the shape of BSX devices for generations now. Cognis Teligen the new devices punctua energen and incepta that was released in Nov 2011. See for your self.

      So now I'm wondering How did they get the writer of the article about St. Jude's new device to devote so much verbage about this great new shape. HHHHMMMMM

      St. Jude might get sued by BSX for patent infringement on this one.

      Very bizarre scenario, Something doesn't seem right to me.

      Just my humble opinion though!!!

    • stj is not treated like a piggy bank by its manangement. bsx management continually sucks at the teets of this bloated hog!

    • "This is what you will get if you do not agree with BSX declines."

      How very nice of you to lie to the entire board!

      I could care less if ma, or anyone else agrees with me. What I don't like, is being called names, and this is ma resorts to, due to his limited 'coping skills'.

      This latest round started with my innocent post, simply stating what I expected for that week (it was posted last Monday) from a TA viewpoint.

      Here's that post:

      Pretty straight-forward post, right?

      So this is the immature post from ma:

      Now this is not normal behavior for an adult. Something a punk might do, but not a mature adult.

      So this is what 'ma' refers to as:

      "This is what you will get if you do not agree with BSX declines."

      He is clearly lying to the entire board, which I find disturbing.

      I think anyone with even a marginal grasp of reality will see through his immature, deceptive behavior.

      Have A Happy Memorial Day!!!!

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