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  • bsxisgood bsxisgood Aug 10, 2012 7:14 AM Flag

    Blackrock files 13G

    Blackrock files 13G

    They now own 73,983,388 shares (5%) of BSX. To the best of my knowledge they had owned only 16mil shares prior to this filing.

    Insiders buying, Blackrock buying, BSX is buying thru their share repurchase plan.

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    • You should be careful calling people out. This imbecile might be 6'6" and be an areana fighter. I have found that these types of morons eventually stink up themselves so badly that sooner or later they disappear. Patience - and we will see this little scumbag disappear.

    • mama,

      I would be afraid to meet you in person, as I am sure I would be puking the rest of the day.

      You see, I have a problem with LIARS!

      It matters not whether they are long or short (or ugly) I just don't like LIARS, GET IT?

      From what richey says, you are a female, or perhaps some sort of transgender mutant.

      But you three have been caught lying, although, for some stupid reason, you can justify it because you are long.


      "I'm surprised you have held on to this handle for 3 months now. That has to be some kind of record for you."

      If it weren't for some transgender mutant crybaby, I would have kept my first one, but I can roll with the punches. YOU are the one with troubles.

      "Gee you want to add BSXisgood to the list? Imagine that someone who is positive on the stock. Strange coincidence Very strange coincidence"

      It would be a 'strange coincidence' only to complete idiot.

      If you were able to read like a normal person, you would have realized that the list was for LIARS on THIS BOARD!!!!

      NOTHING to do with long or short.

      Are you able to understand that, or do I need to draw pictures?

      You must come from the same place as richey, cause you both share some of the same afflictions.

      Like understanding the English language.

      WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

    • BSX Pro blows declines

      Listen up

      Any day you want to meet face to face, so you can repeat all these statements to my face, I am game. But I am sure you'll just continue to hide behind your computer screen.

      You're a cyber bully. (or you can try to be a bully to my face.)

      I'm surprised you have held on to this handle for 3 months now. That has to be some kind of record for you.

      Gee you want to add BSXisgood to the list? Imagine that someone who is positive on the stock. Strange coincidence Very strange coincidence Rickey is positive on the stock, I'm positive on the stock, and BSXisgood is postive on the stock. WOW Nobody can see through that!!!!

      Grow - up

    • Buck,

      I think you might be right!

      As far as the sister-wife thing, I'm starting to think it may be mama.

      They both PUMP like there's no tomorrow, bending the truth (I'm being kind here) notta problem.

      And they NEVER see their partners 'mistakes' (Pump Jobs and funky story's with NO truth in them)!!

      Oh well, as biased as they are, they're bound to be 'right' one of these times!!!!

      Though I wouldn't hold my breath...


    • Give Richtard a break, I'm sure his Mississippi sister-wife keeps asking him for more "Hee Haw" DVDs and more chitlins to snack on, he needs to pump his stocks so he can afford to buy his sister-wife the things she keeps asking him for!

    • I'm not a basher, I simply point out when people are lying or pumping.

      You in particular, have been outed for EXTREME pumping, and you've been caught lying, as well.

      I'd also like to point out what a simpleton you are.


      You call me a 'name' in the same sentence that you bash me for 'calling people names'.

      I forget who mentioned it, but I think they were right when they noticed how poorly you were educated.

      A brain is a terrible thing to waste...

    • You are a liar, BlackRock actually cut more than 4.5 million shares from BSX:

    • You are spot on....Blackrock is looking for appreciation. They wouldn't have bought unless they say the value. They will make things happen, and the more shares they own, the more pull they will have. Strong buy

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