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  • ma45342312 ma45342312 Aug 17, 2012 1:37 PM Flag

    What is up with St.Jude???


    Please allow me to answer this question for you. As I am going to greatly enjoy this. Thanks

    BSX-Pro blows declines

    You wrote "Please show me one post were I have lied."

    Let's take a step back for a minute and look up the definition of lying or to lie. Webster says,

    1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
    2: to create a false or misleading impression

    In order to prove that you are a liar. (BSX Pro blows declines) I do not have to go very far back in your history to prove it. Your most recent lie is in this train of messages.

    So when you wrote the following line.

    "If you can't be civil, stay off the board!!!!!!!"

    Was it your intent to create a false impression that you are a "civil person" to readers of that message? I think it was. I think it is pretty clear you created a misleading impression. What did webster say is the definition of a lie "to create a false or misleading impression"

    So let's look up the word "civil" in Websters

    2a : civilized <civil society> b : adequate in courtesy and politeness : mannerly <a civil question>

    To prove you are an "uncivil person" let's look at your history of posts.

    Wow again I do not have to go back very far in your history of posts to find an example of you being "uncivil" towards me.

    When you called me a "transgender mutant" 3 days ago. Wow had to look hard for that example.

    Or when you called me a "transgender mutant cry baby"

    Or again in the same message when you called me a "female" (as if something is wrong with females)

    or ugly, or liar, or idiot.

    That is all in one message!! I could go on and on and on this topic.

    Are those examples of you being civil? Are they examples of being adequate in courtesy or politeness???

    I think not!

    It is very easy to prove you have not been civil in the past. So it all comes down to your intent.

    SO you can either tell me and the board, You now have turned over a new leaf, and you have an intent to be civil towards ever poster on this board going forward OR,

    you just lied.

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