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  • ma45342312 ma45342312 Aug 21, 2012 9:14 AM Flag

    Major negative news out today on Medtronic and St.Jude

    Medtronic'S quarterly conference call is currently in progress they have missed wall street's earnings estimate by 2 Cents. They reported $0.83 street expected $0.85.

    Link to source of info.

    St. Jude has a report of a study conducted by Robert Hauser coming out today on the new leads Durata and Riata ST optim.

    For those that do not know Dr. Hauser is a key opinion leader in cardiology space. He brought to light the Prizm ICD problems of Guidant in 2005 and then the Fidelas lead problems of Medtronic in I believe 2008

    Below is a key paragraph from the article coming out today.

    Dr. Hauser focused on reports that suggested an abrasion problem with both the Durata and another model that also carries the newer coating, the Riata ST Optim. He found 15 such reports for the Riata ST Optim and 37 for the Durata. He also found the abrasion occurred within four years of being implanted.

    Also to add:

    Dr. Hauser feels that the numbers of failures are most likely under reported.

    Larry Bieglson is a key analyst and sent a note to investor's today saying this is the next key event in the on going saga of St. Jude's lead situation.

    Link to entire article

    BSX may downdraft with it's competitors or it may go the other way since no negative news on BSX today. Hard to say




    ma453423124 (my very sick impostor)

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    • "And I am willing to bet what most posters and readers of this message board think."

      Yes, we're all thinking what a BIG DECEPTIVE IDIOT you are!!!!

      YOU and your husband (richey) are the two official Liars on this board.

      You seem to think that you can 'make up' crap to deflect that fact.

      Ain't gonna happen, cause the posts are still there, showing that YOU TWO HAVE LIED!!!!!



      I noticed you went out of your way to post some (supposedly) negative info on MDT last week.

      It should have been posted on the MDT board, but you chose to post it here,




    • "You really have no idea why I signed many of my posts"

      It is completely unnecessary, is my point.

      I would expect anyone able to write a post, would also know enough to see who wrote the post, without having someone go out of their way to not only sign their name, but then mention someone else's ID at the same time. As a matter of fact, of the hundreds of posts I've read, yours was the first one where someone wrote another ID at the same time. If you really wanted to distance yourself from it, I would do my best to forget it, not bring it up every chance you get.

      I also find it interesting that you didn't comment on the fact that you said you weren't going to do something, then turn around and do it, and then go out of your way to write a long excuse, that you somehow feel will justify your action.

      All of a sudden this big 'you are deceitful' kick you were on disappears.

      As a matter of fact that change of tone seems deceitful to me.

      But I've noticed whenever you or richey lie, or bash someone, its always overlooked, and you usually avoid discussing it.

      Yeah, sure, you guys are real credible...NOT!!!!!

    • BSX pro blows declines

      You really have no idea why I signed many of my posts

      signed ma45342312

      not ma453423124

      You really do not get why I am doing that?

      Are you that slow?

      Let me spell it out for you. I am a father. I have a beautiful 8 year old little girl in my home. ma453423124 typed an incredibly sick message. Sickest most disgusting thing I have ever read on this message board. You have messages in that train of messages. You have read it. I am sure. In that message ma453423124 basicly admits to statutory RAPE of his own child. I sure hope it is a prank for the childs sake.


      You clearly are not a father if you cannot understand this.

      I will never accuse anybody for writing that as I would hate to be wrong. I can prove nothing about the author of that post as it is a one time used handle so far. But I do have my thoughts on the matter of who it could be. There is actually a lot of evidence that all points to the same person.

      signed ma45342312

      Not ma453423124

    • I said it before, and I'll say it again. You sure do waste a lot of space to say NOTHING!

      I have no idea why you think I thought I had a 'free pass', but I think it might be a good idea if you find a therapist that could take a look at you.

      So you said you wouldn't post, but then you post?

      According to your distorted logic, you just committed a deceitful act.

      Either that or you lied.

      Or maybe both. Big deal, I don't put a lot of weight on anything you two say.

      But lets get to what you refer to as the subject:

      "And I also noticed you mentioned your other alias. Why would you do that? I didn't think it was you, until just now, are you really that hard up for attention?"

      So thats what I posted.

      "In the previous post, no where did I mention anything of the sort. Where is that statement or question coming from?"

      Well, I'm sorry to inform you, but you DID mention it, and you mentioned it again in your last post.


      "signed ma45342312

      not ma453423124"

      Initially, I thought the language of that weird post sounded like richey, but for some reason you keep mentioning it.

      Whats up with that?

      And as far as this goes:

      "HMMMMM Is Richey a liar for saying he put you on ignore and then responded to some crazy post you made?"

      You obviously aren't as smart as you try to imply (you're either deceitful, or stupid, or both).

      That was NOT where richey lied.

      One thing I've noticed over the years, is once people start lying, they keep lying to cover their initial lie.

      Looks like its getting the better of you. Geez, thats too bad.

      I hope you get help soon!

    • BSX pro blows declines
      BSX Pro blows declines

      Guess what, I am posting. I fully realize that I said I would not post on this train of messages again.

      But guess what?? I have a lesson in my head from an incredibly well educated wise man (far more educated than me but I am also very well educated). That lesson that he taught me as a young man is this:

      "A wise man always holds the right to change his mind, a dumb man makes a statement and takes it to his grave."

      So I made the statement that I would not post on this train of messages again. Well after your post (which is when you thought you got a free pass) circumstances have changed and now you think you have a free pass to write whatever you want.

      EH Sorry about your luck but you do not.

      Wait a second.............. This is exactly what you called Richey a liar for doing this. Should I do this?????

      HMMMMM Is Richey a liar for saying he put you on ignore and then responded to some crazy post you made??

      I think NOT!!!!

      Sorry I strayed from the topic.

      The main topic of this post is this line that you wrote.

      "And I also noticed you mentioned your other alias. Why would you do that? I didn't think it was you, until just now, are you really that hard up for attention?"

      Are you trying to be deceptive again????

      In the previous post, no where did I mention anything of the sort. Where is that statement or question coming from?

      I have only know 1 person that posts on this board that has openly admitted to using more then 1 handle..........and has show a propensity to change handles on the fly.

      Who could that be BSX_pro blows .declines _declines.........

      Who could that person be.

      Now you want to accuse me of an alias??????


      Have never will never.

      I have $10,000 on the line to anyone who could prove otherwise.

      By any means

      Good luck

      signed ma45342312

      not ma453423124

      Sorry BSX pro blows _declines .declines no free passes in this world.

    • Mama,

      You have NOT proven me a liar, because I HAVE NOT LIED!

      Can't you understand that?

      I can't help notice you mentioned this: "self diagnosed pea brain."

      You DID refer to yourself as a 'pea-brain'.

      Are you denying that? Geez, that could be considered a lie, if we use your lop-sided definition.

      As far as the 'me being civil' statement, I was referring to the second post under the Subject of:
      "What is up with St.Jude??" the msg, where I was, and YOU WEREN'T!!

      And you calling me deceptive is not accurate at all. I'm quite sure I have always been brutally honest with my posts. Unlike YOU!!!!

      And I also noticed you mentioned your other alias. Why would you do that? I didn't think it was you, until just now, are you really that hard up for attention?

      I really thought it sounded more like richey, but whatever.

      You two seem to do weird stuff, but as long as you're happy!!!!!


    • Bsx Pro blows declines

      Have the last post on this train of messages. I do not care.

      You have been caught stone cold lying and being deceptive in the past few days so many times it is not even funny!!! And this is the first time I have made any attempt to prove such. I have know this of you for a long time. But it is just a lapse in memory, according to you. Or I have proven nothing as far as you being deceptive, anything but civil, and anything but cordial. All things you have claimed in the past few days. Call me liar and idiot a few more times. How about transgender mutant, Transgender mutant crybaby, ugly, and idiot(like 20 times), and self diagnosed pea brain.

      But your civil and cordial????????

      Go ahead put your response behind this message and attempt to bury it. Make sure you twist all the words in here as you see fit. Make sure you use only half truths at best.

      Call me a troublemaker a few more times.

      But make sure you can still call yourself civil and cordial!!!!




      You are far and away the most deceptive poster on this board!!!!!

      signed ma45342312

      not ma453423124

    • Idiot #1

      You seem to think that I knew I had been here longer than I mentioned (Feb).

      What in the world would I possibly have to gain, by misstating my length of time here?

      The answer is 'NOTHING'!

      If you think otherwise, you are even a BIGGER idiot than I previously thought, and trust me, I think your a BIG IDIOT!!!).

      Its interesting to note that we are at the same price area now, that we were back in Oct 18, 11.

      That doesn't seem very bullish to me.

      How about you?

    • BSX Pro blows declines

      Now I am wondering what other so called "lapses in memory" have occurred with you. We are talking this Febuary this year you were posting on this message board is your memory. As opposed to before last Halloween you were posting on this message board.

      That is no small lapse in memory that is at least 4 months off when we were only going back 6 months. Maybe you should get that checked. And that was on a 2 minute search on what I could find. I believe it is longer then last 18 Oct since you have been posting here while you are claiming it was only Febuary.

      Hmmmm Very bizarre

      I know what I think.

      And I am willing to bet what most posters and readers of this message board think.

      Keep pushing!!!!

    • Thanks, I stand corrected.

      But I didn't lie, you trouble maker,
      my exact words were:

      "since I've been here, which was around Feb of this year".

      As I previously stated, I just pulled that month out of the air, because that was about as far back as I can remember.

      If I was lying, that would mean I knew I had been here longer, and I obviously wouldn't have asked you twice to show me.

      Well, when I say 'obviously' I mean to the average person (with a good education).

      To an idiot it must mean something entirely different.

      Thanks Again!

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