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  • bsxisgood bsxisgood Sep 8, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    Front page of today's NY Times

    There is an article on the front page of today's NY Times. The article is continued on the front page of the business section.

    The article highlights Medtronic's and St. Jude's faulty defibrillators. Not one mention of BSX. Plus BSX even has the wireless defibrillators that they bought from Cameron Health! Couple this with the company share buyback, insider purchases, an almost non-exsistant short position (less than 1% of the float now), and a price to sales ratio at half of it's competitors. BSX is a screaming buy, and a double from here. Mike Mahoney to start as CEO shortly, this is his big opportunity to make a name for himself. I would love to be in his shoes. BSX is lined up quite nicely for him to make a turnaround to $11 to $12 in one year.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • There was no mention of BSX because BSX has 100% perfection in all its products. BSX has the best and brightest engineers on staff, the average IQ of a BSX employee has been proven to be 150. BSX has never had any problems with any of their products. BSX is always a buy, and BSX is heading back to $45 in a few weeks as sales continue to grow in the triple digits, while MDT and STJ are heading towards bankruptcy. Because of MDT and STJ recalls, lawsuits, defective products, those companies lost all their market share and will go out of business very soon. Mike Mahoney left JNJ because he knows JNJ is also going out of business, since BSX defeated JNJ twice, first in getting Guidant, then in defeating JNJ's entire stent business. Mahoney was very lucky to get a job at BSX, which is the world's most successful company ever. Go BSX!

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      • So glad to see you back providing your unmatched clarity and wisdom. Nodoby seems to have the real story down like you do. We really need to see more posting from you as one of the few clear thinkers on this board.

      • Glut,

        "BSX is always a buy, and BSX is heading back to $45 in a few weeks as sales continue to grow in the triple digits, while MDT and STJ are heading towards bankruptcy".

        I noticed you've dropped your price target by 25% from 6 months ago, it seems even YOU are realizing that it becomes worth less, as time passes:
        (six months ago you said it was worth $60).

        As far as your 'Buy' rating, its recently hand THREE DOWNGRADES in the past few month:
        (The last one was for $5.50).

        So whats your strategy, keep dropping your target price until it fits into BSX's trading range?

        Even a broken clock is right twice a day, which is way better than your guess-work!

        BTW, it has spent most of the year UNDER its 200 MA, which is where failing companys hang out, and its average price for this year is UNDER 6$ (somewhere around $5.70).

        Yet you have the gall to say :"BSX has 100% perfection in all its products".

        I guess the company didn't get that memo, ya may wanna send it again!


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