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  • bsx_pro bsx_pro Oct 24, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

    Stock spike at the end of trading on Friday


    In one sentence you say "LMAO" and in the next you say "how angry of an individual you are".

    So which is it?

    I noticed you were unable to answer the two questions that show you were wrong. Funny how you always retreat when you get caught in lies, or you're own stupidity.


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    • BSX-Pro blows declines (surprised you still have this handle)

      LMAO You do have reading comprehension problems. If you can not figure out the answer to your own question.

      As far as retreating,


      I have no desire to have a conversation with such an angry individual as you.

      See ya

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      • BSX Pro blows declines

        Go see my new train of messages titled "Quarter end stock behavior".

        Read that paper and maybe just maybe you will be able to grasp the concept that I was speaking of in my earlier posts in this train of messages. Although it is probably over your reading comprehension capabilities, judging by other questions you have asked in this train of messages.

        It is not my job to educate you!!!!! Thank God! That would be a monumental task.

        So one last time.

        Grow - up and stop the name calling

      • mama,

        You did retreat, because you didn't provide a source for the statement you made re:a professional investor making a trade in the last few minutes of his three-month window of opportunity.

        And then we found out that YOU did NOT know what the definition of 'insider trading' was, and this was after you referring to me as a 'conspiracy theorist'.

        You've been wrong almost as much as your boyfriend (richey), which is probably why you two pair up so nicely.

        So, once again YOU were WRONG, and I was RIGHT!!!


        P.S. My call (of Sept 1st) proved to be correct (again). Which is how I make money and you two
        nut jobs are losing!!!


        P.P.S. I'm not sure what makes you think I'm angry, I'm usually LMFAO whenever I have an opportunity to out a liar, or a poser.

        Double WOOHOO!!!! (That would be twice as strong as a regular one, for any of you who are mathematically challenged!). (Hi ritchey and mama!)

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