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  • idintdoit617 idintdoit617 Dec 6, 2012 3:57 PM Flag

    BSC is top heavy with incompetent managers

    I work at one of the Minnesota sites and see bloated management coming in late and leaving early, while their declining number of direct reports are over worked. I also see solid employees being laid off while management numbers remain basically unchanged. To maintain existing management, remaining employees are shuffled to managers with few if any reports to meet a 5 direct report quota. The net effect has been less work on average for the managers and more work for their direct reports. The mantra from my manager is that that layoffs will continue until things improve, but I'm not holding my breath. As a tenured employee, if I'm going to be laid off, I'm hoping it happens before Dec 2013, after which severance is cut in half.

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    • If the ratio is truly 1:5, that should be addressed. A really good manager should be able to effectively manage up to12 direct reports....but that would about sum up your comment, would it not?

      OK, maybe it is a cost thing; with a 1:5 ratio two managers would be doing the job of 1 'good' That said, if they were to wait until next year when severance is cut in half to get rid of lesser effective managers they might be able to save 10% just by having them stay another year (and if it keeps the innefffective personnel from infecting other workplaces they could be doing the medical device community a tremendous service by retaining them). ...Just a thought....

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