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  • GreyGoomba GreyGoomba Jul 10, 1998 9:50 AM Flag

    What if the NIR Stent does not get appro

    Nothing in life is guaranteed. How low will BSX go if the stent does not get approved?

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    • Yes, I did mean MARKET SHARE!! Although I keep
      wondering how JnJ can keep up its 1.5% revenue growth (and
      revenue shrinkage on the professional segment part of the
      business) with a stent market share in the SINGLE

      Reversed? As in JNJ getting back above a 10% US stent
      market share in 99-2000? Perhaps that's true, but I
      would bet it would be thru acquisition, not necessarily
      internal development....

      Oh, I see, you mean JnJ
      buys BSX and then you win in even more ways? Since you
      own some of both, them part of you would be buying
      part of you. Now there's a visual.

      earnings, either way.

    • Hi Ex-Man !!

      Good hearing from you. When
      you mention stent "shares" I think of how many shares
      I own of JNJ and BSX :) The stock appreciation has
      done well for me ..specifically with the JNJ stock
      upgrade yesterday. (Check out JNJ "news"):) As far as
      stent market share, those are short-term numbers and
      will be reversed by 1999-2000 guaranteed:)

    • The radius will be more of a niche product than
      the nir. The radius is a nitinol self-expanding stent
      which is by necessity covered by a sheath system to
      prevent expansion until it has been delivered to the
      appropriate site. The radius is more radiopaque than the nir
      but (I am not quite sure) may have less hoop
      strength. I think it will be pushed by the reps as a good
      choice for tapered vessels (as the stent will
      self-expand to conform to the vessel which it is in), for
      instances in which you may want to place a stent thru
      another already deployed stent (in which case the
      sheathed system would theoretically provide a measure of
      safety in traversing the already deployed stent) and
      perhaps in clinical situations where the chance of stent
      stripping exists or it is not clear if one could reach the
      target site (the sheathed system would allow the stent
      to be retrieved back into the guider with impunity).
      These are just my thoughts. I do not think BSX is going
      to push it to be their workhorse stent -- that duty
      will be that of the nir.

    • Radius is self-expanding and NIR is ballon expanded. Is there a market for both? I think so.

    • What does this mean? Is Radius better than Nir? Different? Will Nir still be pursued?

    • hello magic,

      what do you think of the
      following US market stent shares after one quarter of NIR

      AVEI 50%
      GDT 25%
      BSX 15%
      JNJ 5%

      ...especially the JNJ prediction (or is it there already?)

    • I agree that the upside potential for BSX is
      currently based on the release of the NIR and Radius
      stents. It will happen and when it does the stock should
      shoot up to the low to mid eighties. I have been
      observing the total variation for this stock "Intra-day".
      It will fluctuate about 2-3 dollars during the day.
      I am currently have a "stop-Loss" on the stock at
      $69.00 (bought at $45). If it goes to all time highs I
      win ..If It goes to all time lows I win. It is a
      WIN-WIN deal. Try it out instead of selling right way.

    • Why wouldn't NIR get approved. There are plenty
      of predicate devices in the market with FDA
      approval. Besides the Radius stent is right behind NIR, and
      BSX is extremely diverse. These stents are just the
      'hot topic' of the day for BSX. The companies ultimate
      success is not measured by any one product or market
      segment. In my opinion, BSX pretty much dominates just
      about every market that they choose to participate in.
      This is their stated objective, per their web page.

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