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  • beezerx2 beezerx2 Jul 23, 1998 11:02 AM Flag


    PN advised me to buy SciMed, which with the others became BSX, etc...

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    • You seem to be balanced and insightful. You also
      avoid the emotional attachment many seem to have. You
      do tend to get a little harsh when fending off
      personnel attacks. Those that are outspoken concerning
      their convictions often receive load yet unfounded
      criticism. You are certainly correct that all the CL
      providers are doing very well indeed. The fact that you
      seem to know PN well enough that he advises you, is
      very impressive, and I echo your thoughts on him.
      Thanks for the time you spend on this board, watching
      and waiting.

      • 2 Replies to WBImage
      • Freedom for all!! I have to go to Europe for a
        while, I'll miss you all. Big point here gang. I don't
        pick stocks, I don't guess which way they are going to
        move (much), I'm not big into TA and moving averages,
        etc., all the stuff that traders must know. I'm a guy
        like a lot of you with a bunch of kids trying to make
        sure that I can go fishing in a couple of years. I
        have been fortunate enough to grow up with this
        business. My goal is to give my perspective from the
        business side. I have no idea if the NIR tracks better
        than the Crown, only the users know. However, I do
        feel pretty confident about my knowledge of the past,
        present, and as well as possible, the future of the
        business end of interventional cardiology. Take my
        thoughts, blend in others, add a dash of your own, the the
        truth is somewhere in the mix. I truely appreciate the
        responses and challenges in this type of forum. And I, as
        much as anyone here, hopes BSX continues to return
        excellent shareholder value. Ciao!

      • I agree with your assumptions, even the not-so
        flattering ones. I only mention PN because I have so much
        respect for him, we are not friends, only acquatinces
        (sic). Anyway, I am in AVEI for the buy out. They are
        getting hammered today, and that will probably continue
        for a little time. Pretty well known by now that BSX
        borrowed the 2.2B, and they will probably only be able to
        cover the interest for awhile. I would guess their plan
        is to cover the interest, make hay while they can,
        try to drive AVE out of business, then pay the bills.
        This will still allow them to report great earnings
        because of the accounting intracacies of this type of
        debt. As much as I love AVE's stock, it still drives me
        crazy because of the financial communities assumptions.
        It will still be a 3.5 - 4.0B buy out, probably by
        JnJ if they ever want back into this busines. Since
        they just ousted the sr. guys running Cordis (Pres. VP
        S&M, Bus. Dev., etc.) they may be doing just that.
        Thanks for impressions...

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