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  • Proff1960 Proff1960 Oct 27, 1998 10:16 PM Flag

    Earnings? 2

    Is anyone else wondering about earnings from BSX?...Thought is was today? Proff

    • Medtronic has had a slotted tube stent (the
      Bestent) in Europe for several years and it does look
      promising. It was good enough that a Japanese company was
      making a counterfit version. I hear its still 6 - 12
      months before getting approved in the US. I doubt that
      its going to be any better than the stents we already
      have. Soon there will be 4 or 5 stents that will be
      essentially equivical. Its going to come down to pricing and
      package deals with the hospital pretty soon. BSX is in
      good position for delivery of this type of product
      (but not the only one who can pull this off.)

    • Medtronics is redoing their "Wiktor" stent. It is
      made of Tantalum, and is very opaque. The problem with
      the first one is that it is made of one long metal
      wire. If the stent gets cuaght on a lesion, the stent
      could be streched and unravel. The new design should
      solve this problem. The metal to artery ratio is 8%
      compared to 14-19% in the Nir. The less metal to artery
      ratio, the more chance of prolapse, or tissue
      restenosing inside the stent. Medtronics is desperate to get
      a decent stent into the market, but this one is not
      the stent!

    • Medtronic coming out with improved stent? Any other investor hear this?

    • Sorry. I left out the stent, anyway, your posts
      are 1 sentence and very short. You speak very little,
      almost like your are afraid speak, work alone, struggle
      to meet the next pay check, hold back creativity
      because risk isn't arn't a Cook Inc.
      employee by chance are you?

    • Bring up his last ten posts. For crying out loud, his titles are most informative than your entire posts!

    • Is Medtronic in talks for buy out of this company. Can anyone confirm this ?

    • Just wanted to thank you for your comment. I am
      imagining you as purely blonde and I mean purely
      blonde...and pretty like really gorgeous? After all the posts
      you brought a smile to my face sweet stentsation.
      Thanks for the break. (wink)

    • maybe carddoc isn't a doc

    • I�m glad you sent me back to carddoc�s prior
      posts. I feel vindicated.

      First of all, $63 is a
      long way from $78(or is it $76). Guess it depends on
      which post you read.

      Anyway, at the time of his
      post, all the news about Nir was public and it was
      obvious the stock was heading down. Carddoc claims it was
      so obvious to him at $78(or $76). If so, post it
      then. Then no one can question it.

      Carddoc also
      takes credit in this post to have raised the issue on
      NIR pinholes. However, if you go back to #3214 on Sep
      14th, at great length he details his experience with
      the NIR while stating that he has not seen or heard
      of any pinhole problems except for what�s been on
      the message boards. Then, 24 hours later (#3224), he
      says "reports are becoming more common". Sounds a bit
      inconsistent to me.

      Look, hate the company all you
      want but just be honest about it. Maybe its personal.
      Maybe its because he has such a large position in AVEI
      that his loyalties are there. Doesn�t matter to me.
      Just don�t claim to strive to be fair and objective
      when your not. Don't hide behind weak reasons like
      they overpaid for Schneider, especially if your not a
      shareholder. Also, licensing technology in this industry is
      very common. Will he feel the same when (not if, but
      when) AVEI does the same? Yes the NIR issue was bumbled
      from a PR standpoint but hell, Viagra has a higher
      complication rate and that is joked about.

      My point
      is, you can't have it both ways.

      As far as
      your other comments go, yes, my question on
      accumulation was answered. Also, yes it has been rocky times
      for this industry (although today is encouraging).
      That�s why I bought LEAPS. BSX may #@&% the bed this qtr
      but long term my confidence is much higher.

    • See msg. 3271 AVE board as far as Carddoc's
      credibility vis a vis his short of BSX is concerned. Price
      when that post was made was 63 and change. I asked in
      a subsequent post when he planned to cover,
      pointing out that the chart then was pointing toward the
      stock getting into the 40's (subsequently bottomed at
      46 1/16 a little under a month later) but for
      whatever reason did not get a response. Maybe the tone of
      his post you replied to was immodest but as far as
      what he said about BSX it seems, to this point, to be
      right on target. Near term this company has some
      internally generated problems in a market that presently has
      problems itself.

      I didn't respond to your post re:
      AVE accumulation because I thought others had. If you
      still have questions re: that topic please feel free to

      Lastly, the sophomoric banter re: whose company or stent
      is the best that has been going on between a number
      of participants may work well for salemen. However,
      until the Street sees that this is a growing market and
      that competition isn't taking away sales growth,
      regardless of who has market share, all 3 of these stocks,
      AVE, BSX and GDT will remain in the outhouse. In other
      words, AVE's loss is not BSX's gain or vice verse. That
      fact should be evident by how each of these stocks
      have behaved recently.

      More later.

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