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  • elkm36a elkm36a Nov 8, 1998 9:52 PM Flag

    BSX rating

    Yahoo still gives BSX a relatively good research rating, similar to that of Merck(MRK). Based on this, would one consider BSX to be a "good" investment?

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    • If you are truly long, where are the damages? I
      made a few buys over the last 4 months and I am down
      about 20% at the moment. However, I expect the stock to
      rebound far above the price I originally paid. Since I
      haven't, and will not sell below $75, I will not incur a

      I also bought several leap contracts this week. I
      expect to make a vey substantial return on investment as
      this stock is down far in excess of reason. If you
      really want to make some good money buy a leap with a
      $75 strike price.

    • Anyone know when the earnings will be released? I thought
      it was today before the market open.

    • Does anyone have any idea when the Boston team will release their earnings?? Anyone ?

    • Stakeholders: There is a wonderfully bright side
      to all of this. Convert your IRA's to Roth's.
      Imagine the tax savings I will have at the end of this
      year because of the losses I have incurred. Case in
      point: I am in no matter what...and I am in long for
      what I hope to see is a stable but positive ride in
      99. Oh yes, if fraud does exists in Japan, and some
      how one can ascertain what a potential price
      reduction in the stock price would have been minus the
      Japanese irregularities, what are the possibilities that
      BSX management would be procactive to subsidize a
      fair return in exchange of abolishing any attorney
      involvement. Wouldn't it be great if the company said to all
      stockholders (whom were effected by this) that "x" amount
      would be to these stakeholders in return for
      eliminating attorney ltigation or involvement!!!! ie the bulk
      of the cost I am assuming....think of the savings to
      the company and the outcome of rapidly moving ahead,
      conserving internal resources, and putting the mess behind
      us. The longs were hurt on this one. Further
      litigation hurts even more. Is there a way to predict the
      result of litigation versus satisfying the stakeholders
      some other way. Come on BSX, we are listening.

    • The last time BSX traded in the low 40s, it
      rebounded quite fast and kept moving upward to the 80s. I
      was sorry that I did not buy it when it traded in the
      40s and even in the 50s. I just bought BSX at 41 1/2.
      It is cheap. It will move up shortly. The accounting
      problem is minor compared to IFMX and CEN.

    • Forget AHA, the premier course is TCT in DC. It's already over for the year.

    • AHA ends tomorow.
      I hope you dont judge your stocks the way you remember the AHA meeting

    • I will give you concrete reasons why BSX will
      have difficulty reaching 80 in the near

      1) Probable restatement of earnings-always a drag on
      2) Missed eps estimates-again
      3) Slower Q/Q
      growth (by about 50%) than 1997
      4) FDA issues, now
      and potentially in the future
      5) Irritated
      analysts-again, always a drag on price
      6) CFO with

      Other than Peter and John, name some reasons for 80?
      Hey, I got a bunch of BSX, nobody would be happier
      than me!

    • Whatever.

      The fact that you are unable to
      engage in intelligent debate and dole out personal
      insults suggests that holding this stock is affecting you
      emotionally. Sell or seek help.

      More later.

      I see how well BSX is turning that corner: Up a
      whopping 7/16 on subnormal volume at the time of your

    • so if you get a good answer please let me know. I
      think the AHA convention is next week and maybe that
      will help clarify the relative values of these
      competing technologies. My sense is NIR and Duet have an
      edge. BSX CFO said in last weeks conference call he
      expects reapproval of NIR with SOX in Q1 or maybe Q2 of

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