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  • Runinfrontofmkt Runinfrontofmkt Dec 18, 1998 12:39 PM Flag

    $20 will be the last surport once broken

    It will take years for it to recovry

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    • Hi StockDetective,

      I just want to thank
      you for sharing your insights.
      it's you who
      erases all the negatives about opened


      I wish your holidays are filled with peace & joy

    • Is this going to be anything like the Kool-Aid that was served at Jonestown?

      More later.

    • How do you overreact to a train crash? The thing with BSX is that we are still trying to determine how many dead bodies are still inside...

    • Agree that current stock action is an
      over-reaction. Just look at the panicky posts.
      BSX is for the
      most part an extremely well managed company with
      excellent R & D. My one criticism is that there is a
      tendency towards over-expansion, but as the medical device
      industry is clearly in a consolidating phase they may have
      been right.
      My condolences to all who hold stock at
      40+, but a near term ride to mid 30's seems likely.

    • BSX Conference Call TODAY -- Monday, 12/21 at 5pm

      Call in #800-553-5260

      This should be interesting - BSX will be serving their Kool-Aid for us all to gulp down.

    • Things can't get any worse for this company. The
      current stock price has already been over-discounted on a
      worst-case basis. We will get a healthy bounce today, and
      for sure, a better bounce tomorrow....this is a great
      play right now. I expect $50 by the end of 1999. When
      this trouble is effectively put in the past, and
      earnings targets are hit, we will see a rapid advance in
      BSX. This is just my opinion, and it is how I pick
      good solid undervalued companies. BSX will have its
      day in the sun again.

      Good Luck all....and
      Merry Christmas

    • It takes a person of real character to admit a mistake in the anonymnity of cyberspace. I respect that quality in general and you in particular for demonstrating it.

      More later.

    • If I remember correctly you were assuring
      everyone on this board that bsx was a great company
      several months ago when the stock price was a hell of a
      lot higher than it presently is. I have no current
      position in this stock having made a very healthy profit
      shorting before the big fall. I warned the board in a
      timely manner that bad things were on the horizon. I
      have no idea what will be discussed in the monday
      conference call and I not certain what will happen to the
      stock price in the future. I do know that those of you
      who continue to praise this company and curse any
      post to the contrary are fools who deserve to lose
      your money. How can you review all events that have
      happened to BSX in 1998 and not realize that this company
      has lost it's way. This used to be a good company. I
      did well owning it long. When objective review of
      performance demonstrated they were missing on all cylinders I
      made money selling it short. I can understand you
      searching for good news amidst the bad but I don't
      comprehend your inability to admit that at least this year
      there has been NO GOOD NEWS- AND LOTS OF REALLY BAD

    • whenever BSX has held "guidance meetings," it has
      usually been bullish for the compnay...with the estimates
      having been slashed so drastically due to the recall,
      i'm quite positive that the company will "guide"
      analysts towards a higher EPS number...the stock is really
      oversold so good solid news like that should really propel
      it back to $30...

      goldman sachs is
      recommending a buy at these prices...their take:
      company has NOT received any 483s, so the investigation
      will probably not yield unfavorable results for
      BSX...investigation probably caused by the numerous lawsuits being
      filed on behalf of investors...

      Buy now and sell
      on monday!!

      • 4 Replies to kaushpaul
      • There is no link between lawsuits and FBI
        investigation. FBI investigates NIR on SOX test sites and not
        Japanese sales.
        483s have nothing to do with

        The most likely scenario is that BSX pushed the
        clinical trials very hard (remember the long delay?), and
        wanted good results at any price. At ANY

        Obviously, clues about this cannot be found in Natick. They
        have shredders. However, patient data are stored
        independently at the hospitals, and BSX has no easy access to
        those data.

        If FBI finds a clue against the
        company, management will go. I see a penny stock here.

      • A 483 is an FDA report, not an FBI, FTC, FTD,
        SEC, EIEIO, etc. The fact that they do not have a 483
        is of no consequence. Many months ago I said
        something to the effect that if they are not carefull, a
        USCI-like collapse is possible. So how much stock do you
        think that Goldman owns? Your bio says you are an

      • I have followed a number of companies where
        lawsuits have been filed by stockholders (Rainforest Cafe,
        Oracle, Cendant, Oxford Health, to name a few). The
        lawsuits are automatic when there is a large percentage
        drop in the price of the stock. I don't see any
        relationship between filing lawsuits and a DOJ investigation.
        And the conference call when they announced the
        recall of NIR was certainly not perceived as bullish by
        the market....

      • on Monday AM. This selling is crazy, and the shorts are sounding sillier as the hours pass. Good Luck!

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