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  • runesigns runesigns Feb 26, 1999 4:08 PM Flag

    Coverage initiated - stock holds it own
    ...Schroeder and Co initiates coverage with perform in-line
    (with expectations).

    ...What is interesting is
    that there has been about 100K+ shares being bought in
    the last minutes of trading the last two days and
    today. Today the stock recovered nicely with good volume
    after sell-offs with low volume. On balance volume
    shows an increase of 600k shares over the last two days
    even though the price is unchanged over that

    ...Definitely looks as though someone is trying to quitely
    accumulate the stock. I don't know Schroeder and Co but it
    is not uncommon for analyst to downplay a stock
    while they accumulate. (Or conversely, to upgrade a
    stock before dumping - look at AMAT over the last

    ...If the overall market can settle down I think we
    will be looking at 30+ soon.

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    • I don't think what you said is legal. What you

      Definitely looks as though someone is trying to quitely
      accumulate the stock. I don't know Schroeder and Co but it
      is not uncommon for analyst to downplay a stock
      while they accumulate. (Or conversely, to upgrade a
      stock before dumping - look at AMAT over the last

      Anyone else have an opinion about this?

    • Beezer Or Cardiojoe Maybe you guys can

      1. Am I correct in thinking that the Nir on Ranger
      Is BSX's entry into the over-the-wire stent

      2. Will the Nir on Viva be the Rapid Exchange (R/X)

      3. How big is the OTW market vs. the R/X Market? I
      have heard it's 50/50, is that about right?

      When will the Nir on Viva be released?

      5. If
      BSX has 35% share w/o a R/X system, how large will
      their share be with a R/X system?

      6. Who is
      currently playing in the R/X market

      Thanks for the

    • I heard of a new product soon to be released. Does the beez or cjoe know of it and what it's for. I think it's called OASIS. Will it be an inpact? Sorry for the limited info

    • is the new thromb dev for decloting
      have heard
      of this when it was an italian co
      works off
      medrad pump...easy easy easy
      when they get coronary
      profiles will be big
      applications now are for venous
      declots etc
      very simple tech that works

    • 1)Yes
      2)From what I hear, yes
      3)RX would be
      larger if more devices were available but 50/50 is
      probably close enough.
      4)Don't know
      5)First of all,
      I'm not sure that 35% is accurate, but in any case an
      RX will certainly help.
      6)GDT for now, some other
      small timers but my understanding is that the GFXII is
      not RX so that leaves GDT and probably BSX, if they
      can convince the FDA they're O.K.

    • The NIR on Ranger is BSX's current stent
      offering. It is basically the NIR stent on a Ranger
      Over-the-wire (OTW) balloon delivery system. BSX is currently
      anticipating approval of the NIR Primo system - which is the
      NIR stent on a Viva rapid-exchange balloon delivery
      system - approval next couple of weeks ?? I've had the
      chance to see this system at a couple of sites during
      BSX's NIRVANA clinical trial - tracks well, low
      profile. It's been one of the premier stent systems in
      Europe for the past couple of years and was also
      currently approved in Japan.

      The over-the-wire
      market is currently approx. 70% of the US market (and
      probably closer to 95% of the Europe market). The trend is
      definetly shifting to RX - it's easier to use, quicker and
      does not require an assistant. I was an OTW user and
      am currently using more RX devices - as far as
      balloons go, I am currently using BSX's Maxxum and Viva.
      One reason BSX is participating in the RX market is
      because of the IP acquired through Schneider. My estimate
      is that the RX market will probably be 50% in 2
      years and 75-80% in 3 years.

      The only other
      player in the RX market is ACS/GDT. The Duet stent is
      available on an RX system. I've heard that AVE/MDT may be
      able to play in the RX market - I don't know - I
      haven't seen the AVE rep for 3 months?

      My guess is
      that approval of BSX's rapid-exchange NIR system (NIR
      primo) will put BSX and GDT tied for the #1 position --
      assuming BSX gets approval of their 9mm length stent as

    • Cardio_joe I don't think AVE/MDT can get into the
      RX game. There are two patents involved to play in
      this technology.
      1 - The Bonzel patent on having a
      sidehole exit in the catheter along the shaft.
      2 - The
      patent ACS holds for where that sidehole can be.
      Anywhere between 10 and 35 cm back from the balloon
      Schnieder and ACS cross licensed these patents several
      years ago.

      However, Bard - now owned by AVE and
      hence MDT owns the perfusion patent that the cross
      licensed to ACS a long time ago so maybe they worked a
      deal for the RX patent back then as well. IF not they
      wont play in RX. Thats why you do not see Cordis with
      an RX device and wont.

      I also heard that
      BSX's RX stent device is still a couple months out and
      that there 9mm stent maybe even further out. I think
      the FDA might be slightly aggravated still.

    • Thanks for the response. I'll look forward to more of your postings.

    • I noticed you said you havn't seen the AVE rep for 3 months. Do you have any idea as to why?

    • Analyst now say the market share on stents is:
      GDT 55%, BSX 30%, and MDT 15%, and you said you
      havn't seen a AVE rep. for over three months. Do you
      have any idea why they stopped calling?
      Is this
      happenning all over?
      Maybe this is a clue, to why their
      sales are down.

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