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  • beezerx2 beezerx2 Jul 22, 1999 10:59 AM Flag

    Best Boston Interventional Cardioligist

    Just how full of crap are you? A couple of posts
    ago you infer that your reasons for shamless
    promotion of this (so-far) failure of a company and
    technology are because of thier "close work" with BSX. Yet,
    you are continuously spamming every IC board with
    identical messages regarding BC. Very convinient to claim
    that the EU analysts are stupid and therfore the low
    price. Wow, you're only about the thousand'th first
    person I've seen who thinks they know something that the
    "stupid" analysts have yet to figure out. Myoxy is
    absolutely correct. Based upon your beloved SOPHOS trial,
    you have a fart's chance in a hurricane to use that
    as scientific basis of class III equivelency with
    the FDA. You'd get laughed off panel with that trial.
    Can't even track half the pts.? My kids are more
    scientifically sound when they determined a couple of days ago
    that PB&J is the world's favorite sandwich! At least
    they were able to follow all the respondants. Why
    don't you 'fess up to what your real goals are?

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