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  • significantsnoring significantsnoring Aug 6, 1999 1:29 PM Flag

    BCX recalls stocks

    BCX was discussed by Joe Kernen today. The company recalled two drugs and the stock is down.

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    • Thanks for the totally inaccurate information.

    • Ya'll are two-faced!!!

      When the stock is
      performing "well" their is a strong belief in the company,
      the management, and the technology

      When shit
      happens (like today), everybody becomes
      financially-oreiented and is scrambling to sell or debating to

      Where are the believers in this company today to tell
      me how good things are (the products, the
      management, the future)?

      Fact is the company is
      garbage and (to repeat earlier postings) run by strictly
      financially-driven billionares with no concept of medicinal
      scientific development (read: numerous product recalls in
      the past year, DOJ...).

      Let it be known there
      is more negativity to follow.

      Make your money
      on the ups and downs of this stock if you can, but I
      would appreciate all of you perpetrators to confess
      that the focus of this company is not to provide the
      best life-saving medical devices possible.

      • 1 Reply to dams_suck
      • I did not even think your posting was worth a
        reply. However, I feel it is my duty to tell you that
        your are a an absolute fucking idiot. You obviously
        don't have a clue about the hundreds of thousands of
        lives that have been enhanced or saved by BSX products.
        Let's reiterate that this is a VOLUNTARY recall. The
        plan to fix this product is already in the works. BSX
        should be commended for developing and marketing safe,
        effective, and revolutionary products that literally save
        lives. 3 MDR,s out of 35,000 procedures is hardly a
        major malfunction. I wonder how many other companies
        would have the moral conviction to withdrawl a 120
        million dollar product with a 99.99915% success rate?

    • i'll believe it when i see it!

      interventional cardiologists are just going to flock and buy a
      huge piece of capitol equipment, to operate a medical
      device that is still unproven (?)in in-stent restenosis,
      without looking at some of the other debulking options

      A: the equipment will still collect dust in the
      corner of the supplies cupboard

    • This stock has fallen too many times in recent
      past, big
      money managers will not touch this stock
      for a while.
      BSX stent market share may go down
      even further...

      This particular instance is
      just one incarnation of the
      problems within BSX. I
      expect this to get to low 20s
      before any persisistent
      up movement.


    • The recall announcement is for a very
      insignificant device that accounts for less than 4% of total
      revenue. I know the company, I know the device and I don't
      see more bad news coming. everything that Jim Tobin
      has promised will take effect and the stock will be
      right back in the 40s before the winter snows settle in
      up in NE.

    • for many use it on the difficult lesions. significant share of revenue of BSX... FIRE the quality VP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hmmmm...I do not disagree with any that says this
      most recent recall isn't an issue. However, according
      to the company, they took quick and decisive action
      regarding this problem. That is very important!

      Unfortunately most companies have recalls of one sort or
      another...sometimes they are for stupid things, other times for very
      serious safety concerns.

      Guidant is not without
      similar types of issues:

      9/23/98 Ventak AICD's
      Class II recall

      12/98 ACS RX Comet VP Mislabel
      allowing a .5mm balloon to be used in a 3.0 mmcoronary

      3/29/99 8761 Pacemakers field action

      ACS Coronary
      Stent System and Dilatation Catheter: shipped certain
      size products in the U.S. without U.S.

      11/4/98 Field Correction for AICD's: Pacemakers may cease
      functioning without warning due to a compromised hermetic
      seal on a chip carrier

      9/18/98 Class II recall
      faulty programmer software

      6/12 and 6/30/98 Class
      II recall for promotional literature for
      "Unauthorized newsletters sent out containing inappropriate use
      of the device

      12/8/97 Ventak AICD models 1810
      and 1815:"could...inappropriately deliver brief
      periods of pacing at 190 bpm

      11/22/96 Ventak Mini
      AICD: wrong adhesive used

      4/18/95 Safety Alert
      regarding the Ventak PRx AICD...

      I still believe
      that BSX is on its way of straightening out their
      problems...I think Tobin is someone that "walks the
      talk"...and his message is coming out loud and clear...I
      think he is clearly disturbed and already taking
      action...give him a chance...

    • The fiscal year net sales up to the second
      quarter = 726 mil.. if taking worse case 0 gain or-120
      mil. from the blade device that would mean a 16.5 %
      decrease in net sales (this does
      not count the 60 mil
      that was sold). Assuming the stock started selling in
      the 40�s in advance of the news and stock price
      reflecting the sales generated, the value of the
      would be at $33.40

      Forward looking
      If the
      problem was recognized and I�m sure it had been then, R&D
      was already working on the solution if it hasn�t
      already been determined and in-house trials are already
      under way. (we�re not talking about rebuilding the
      entire machine). Then the estimated six months approval
      could be over-blown by as much as three months Or 25%
      loss if no sales occur
      during this period.

      Sales of the machine will probable continue in advance
      of the final solution, given the
      success of the
      device before the problem and the assurance of a safer
      machine after the solution. Guessing we are most likely
      looking at a worse case of a 25 % reduction in sales (
      sales during this period)or -30 mil. or equaling 90 mil
      in sales. add the 90 mil back into the total sales
      then you may see a loss of 6% of sales or a reduction
      in share value to $37.60.
      Now is this stock over
      sold or not? If i�m missing somethig please fill me

    • the stock goes to hell! I saw the press release and it doesn't look good for the card div.

    • Boston Scientific Corp. Reiterated `Buy' at
      Gerard Klauer

      Princeton, New Jersey, Aug. 9
      (Bloomberg Data) -- Boston Scientific Corp. (BSX US) was
      reiterated ``buy'' by analyst Jonathan A. Foster at Gerard
      Klauer Mattison & Co. The 12-month target price is
      $50.00 per share.

      (Looks like most analysts
      keeping a pretty good target price on BSX.)

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