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  • significantsnoring significantsnoring Aug 6, 1999 1:29 PM Flag

    BCX recalls stocks

    BCX was discussed by Joe Kernen today. The company recalled two drugs and the stock is down.

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    • Cool. How's that $30.00 trade feeling? I gotta
      admit, since this whole thing started I've only added
      about 500 CSCO, most of the additions have been in SUNW
      which is just blind luck to have exploded like it

    • Beezerx2, there you go again getting ahead of
      yourself. Our last 6 month return bet between BSX and CSCO
      went from 2/12/99-8/12/99(which was a tie). Our
      current one is over the 6 months starting 8/12/99 and
      ending 2/12/99. BSX was at 34.375 and CSCO was at
      127.13(63.57) Granted CSCO has a good lead but we still have 4
      months to go. See you at the finish line. P.S. while BSX
      has been going down I did some buys, one at ~30 and
      one at ~21. 34.375 really isn't a fair starting
      point, 18-20 would be better, but we will use 34.375 so
      that you don't have any excuses when you lose. Good

    • Just wondering where you have been since telling
      me that investing in Cisco and SUN and letting it
      ride is not as lucritive as trading BSX. Since that
      little exchange, CSCO is up 24%, SUN is up 52% and BSX
      is down 42%. Oh yeah, I've only paid about $32.00 in
      trade commissions since then, how about you?

    • there were also some good data back in the 80's
      that demonstrated efficacy in mouse with high m.w. in
      <3mm arterial grafts that stayed patent for 5 years.
      In l997, Schmidmaier, G., et al, Med. Klinic,
      Technicsche Univ., Munchen, posted an Abstract at the ACC on
      PLA/PEG-Hirudin results in pigs with no

      No,I'm not the DrLipoxxx from L.I.

      I understand
      that the IP situation is grandfathered back several
      patents, especially on the PGE-1 and various congugates.

    • Thanks for the info. I will take a look at the
      data you referenced. Do you know which animal model
      was used in the experiments you cited? The reaction
      to the degradation products of such polymers varies
      from one species to another so an important factor is
      which animal was used.

      Now, you're not the
      famous Dr Lipoxxxx of Long Island, NY are you? Tell the
      truth now.

      You are right in that the data I
      quoted is from studies performed some time back. If ENDV
      is using a variant which overcomes the problems seen
      with other biodegradable materials then they are
      indeed on the right track. This has to be an area for
      the future, but will have some lengthy regulatory
      issues and extensive experimentation to contend with.
      The FDA will need a lot of evidence of both safety
      and efficacy before approving the product. Europe is
      a different issue - still a lot easier to get your
      product approved, and a great deal of inconsistency
      between different Notified Bodies that allow the products
      to be marketed.

      The whole issue of
      biodegradable coatings and also stents is interesting and there
      seems to be increasing activity in this area after the
      setbacks of three or so years ago. The abstracts from the
      European Society meeting in Barcelona which took place
      this week bear testimony to that. A small, but
      significant number of papers on biodegradable stents

      This is certainly an area to keep an eye on. ENDV's
      biggest obstacle might be the IP situation, which if you
      are the real Dr Lipoxxxx, you will know all


    • but your information is slightly

      Yes, low molecular weight (MW) poly L-lactic acid
      (PLLA) produced some vascular inflammatory responce in
      early stent experiments. However, ENDV uses a high MW
      PLLA substrate cross-linked with prostaglandin E-1
      (which has demonstrated potent smooth muscle cell (SMC)
      inhibition): Seidel, et al, "Invitro Inhibition of Smooth
      Muscle Cell Migration with Liposomal Prostaglandin
      E-1(PGE-1)", Baylor Coll. of Med., Awarded Abstract, 46 Ann.
      Sci. Sess, Am. Coll. of Ang. 1998.

      The Finns
      prsent more data this week at the Europ. Soc. of
      Vascular Surg. in Copenhagan. (Hietala,E.M., et al., Self
      Expanding Polylactide Stent Degradates Safely in Small
      Vessels: Results..." In 15 stents Helsinki investagators
      found no long term foreign body or inflammatory
      reactions, and vessel lumens remained open after 24 months.

      Seems to me that ENDV is on the right track.

    • What exactly have you been hearing about Cordis
      being acquired? I know that JNJ has not supported them
      well in the past. So tell me, what do you see in your
      crystal ball? You seem to have some good insight about
      this industry. Thanks, your input is always

    • Thanks for your informative comment of the past
      and hopefully future. You obviously know what you are
      talking about. About the CTSI deal. Rumor has it that
      Richer F. will stick around for maybe a year to help in
      integrating CTSI into GDT and then onto another startup.
      Maybe a dot com with a medical connection. Apparently
      this may be already in progress.

      Maybe R.F.
      figured that taking a smaller profit now was better than
      losing later in a fight with a big company.There are
      questions about the strength of CTSI'

      On the charitable donation, that is a fine thing
      to do. I will come up with a suggestion that meets
      with your approval. However, I thought the collection
      process would be memorable.

      You are kidding about

    • How did I know about CTSI and GDT? - just lucky I
      guess. I knew GDT and JNJ were looking at them (as well
      as one or two others), but GDT seemed to make good
      sense, and JNJ usually take forever to decide. Rumors
      intensified about a month or so ago in certain financial
      circles, which is when I made certain

      So what do you think of the sell out after your
      comments about Rich F (who's now Rich ER - pardon the
      pun). It seemed the management decided it was a good
      time to cash in their chips and go on to other things.
      The very small premium over the current stock price
      is no surprise. The deal was probably agreed when
      the price was down around $15 - $16. Be interesting
      to see how this is integrated within GDT. You're
      right, it's a shame BSX didn't go for it, but it seems
      it was the wrong time, although they must have been
      interested. Not sure I like the companies left to choose from
      in this field very much.

      I believe that
      selling now makes good sense. If we look at the
      cardiovascular field it is tough, and very expensive for a young
      company to move forward alone to commercialise its
      technology. Selling through distributors in International
      markets is one option, but so much training is needed in
      this case, both of the physician and the rep, that you
      need specialists to do the product justice. Plus we
      are seeing this with other young companies in Europe
      with good technology - the independent distributor
      rarely does justice to the product, and until you can
      build up sales and profits to a certain level you can't
      afford to hire your own people. Faced with that type of
      scenario, the best option is to get one of the big players
      with the commercial infrastructure (extensive sales
      and marketing) to distribute your product, or sell
      out to one of them. Commercialising a technology from
      ground zero, especially such a new technology as that of
      CTSI requires big bucks. So the time was right to do a
      deal. What this means is that BSX, GDT, MDT and JNJ (to
      an extent) will dominate the field for years to
      come. So who else might join the ranks of the big
      cardiovascular player? - perhaps St Jude and Abbott - if they
      make the right acquisitions. I don't rate Baxter's
      chances very highly. All this is just an opinion and open
      to debate.

      Route17, regarding the wager, why
      don't you donate the value of a bottle of Krug to a
      local children's charity (including the Fedex charge
      you would have incurred sending it to the UK, of
      course!). I'll look forward to the next wager. Would anyone
      like to offer an opinion as to who will acquire Cordis
      in the next 30 days? My sources say....or am I


    • Having watched Pete Nicholas in action for a
      number of years I do not believe that he is the type
      that is forced to do things. Parts of BSC may be on
      the block as some parts of the business are not
      performing as well as some of the other parts of the
      business. How about some substantive information on these
      topics like which part is on the block? Just because
      some folks come in from Baxter does not mean that
      Baxter will be buying. There are people in BSC from
      Abbot and JandJ and Lilly and Medtronic and and and and
      from just about every other medical device company.PS:
      Woodfleet it appears that I lose the wager. It will have to
      come out of my profits. I was really hoping that BSC
      would somehow get a hold of CTSI. So how did you know?

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