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  • dams_suck dams_suck Sep 29, 1999 11:38 AM Flag

    This board is real negative and boring.

    Without telling me that Pete and the other guy
    are 'financial wizards' and that Tobin is 'the
    saviour', is there any current employee at BSX willing to
    state that the company is running optimally?

    would like to hear about the environment of the
    workplace and not about products and stocks.

    I do
    not wish to hear from the
    physician/surgeon/interventionalist poser-wannabees that frequent this board or the
    highschool drop-out traders.

    Convince me, current
    employees, that your company is leading the way and strives
    to be the biggest, strongest, and fastest.

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    • Hey I remember you from the CLSR board. Can buy gones be buy gones? Are you buying BSX at this level? This sector is in the toilet so demand a rock bottom entry price. Y2K fear is coming too.

    • Thanks for the reply. Watched bsx fall again, I
      think that's a fibble bottom since 1996, but it always
      seems to rise from the ashes. Message board stranger
      than the company's charts. I'd wish you good luck but
      anyone who bought sunw and held through that climb
      doesn't need it.

    • Just to let you know that the Adirondacks are the Greatest! Love hiking and boating in the Saranac Region.

      Sorry for not Spaming Bii


    • Hey, havnen't seen your name for a while.
      Colorado Med Tech plays in a in a very crowded market but
      just bought some other little company, reasonable
      growth and from what I hear, Boulder is getting to be
      quite the pharm/device start-up area these days so lots
      of money floating around. Nothing earth shattering
      for sure but a probable 2x'er in the next 12 months,
      I hope you're well. Sorry to everyone for deviating
      from the BC discussions, now back to your regular

    • Pleasure to read your posts again! One of the few I can rely on. At the cost of upsetting this board, would like to pick your brains on a little med instrument company called CMED. Any comment?

    • Good grief.
      I've made more in SUNW and CSCO
      this year alone than most of your homes are worth so
      I'm not too upset about missing the boat on BC.
      Here's the point - I really do appreciate the U.K.
      contingent's need to make my life better by trying to get me
      to invest in this company, especially the GUV who
      openly states that he has no knowledge about cardiology
      but knows more about finance than all the investment
      bankers in the continent. However, couldn't the 4 of you
      at least change your messages instead of just cut
      and pasting the same drivel to all the competitive
      boards. Honestly, I could care less about BC, Jomed or
      any other obscure little device that is NOT going to
      revolutionise (like the spelling again?!) my investment in BSX,
      which I might add is rather significant - here's a
      hint, can you say lots of options? I've been in this
      market since 1984 and have seen so much BS about the
      "next" big deal. Let me tell right here and now, it
      ain�t gonna be a stent (U.K., that's how folk in the
      south talk). So you can take your SOPH' trial and
      combine that with the other million or so trials that
      show the predicted outcome. Hey, do you really think
      these trials are unbiased? WAKE UP!! Quit dipping your
      toes in the Cornish Rivera and look west, that's where
      things happen. Who cares if you have the number one
      stent in Finland - it really doesn't matter. I speak
      for only me, but am tired of the non-stop spam. You
      could at least offer to throw in a set of Ginsu knives
      with each message.

    • GUV.....I appreciate your post and your lengthy
      rationale for use of the BSX board. I see the information
      as beneficial - if the beezer and the others don't
      like what you say than why are they reading your posts
      in the first place? If they think you are full of
      hot air than why do they take the time to respond?
      Feel free to post whatever you's good to
      have choices.

    • You are crying over alost opportunity - but, this
      is small compared to the opportunity you stand to
      lose if you do not go long on BCTBF even at 2 3/4 its
      very low priced, wait till it starts climbing......
      you will be hating not just the GUV , or Amy, or dd ,
      but YOURSELF.For you know what !!!
      Do your own Due
      Diligence ( as all of us have done ) and then out your
      money where it gets you the best on
      I am long on BSX ..... and have been bloodied quite
      a bit recently because I have got in again at 27. I
      was actually lucky I got out at 35 when this board
      became extremely quiet , just before the announcement of
      lower than promised earnings for Q'3.
      One lesson...
      when this board gets sooooooo... quiet..... sell BSX.
      Its happened twice in the last 3 months.
      I have
      seen BSX go down and will average out my holdings but
      its probably a safer and surer bet to keep a good
      percentage of my holgings in BCTBF... its like buying a call
      option (I stated in an earlier post ).
      I will not
      bash BSX as they have great products.... its about
      meeting expectations of the people on Wall street.No
      surprises !
      I have only Kudos for the GUV .. for his
      postings that awoke many of us to the immense growth
      potential of BCTBF.
      It your call .

    • and beez...don't share the same opinion when
      Bio's technology stent technology can influence BSC's
      opportunities. I am a longer on BSC...difference in BIO and MDT
      and GDT is there has been no way to stay current on
      what is happening. Lighten up, and not like it's been
      taking up your time OR are you a little peeved that you
      didn't buy in when the GUV suggested?

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