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  • ya_gotta_believe_in_me ya_gotta_believe_in_me Oct 13, 1999 1:21 AM Flag


    got in at 23 1/8 just 2 minutes before the close.
    I've decided that the move up to 26 the other day was
    for real, and i'm not going to miss the 2nd runup.
    This pullback is merely confirmation of the low set at
    $22 the first time. I don't think bsx will hit that
    low again. I think we shall now see higher lows and
    higher highs going into earnings season and the year

    continuing to weasel his way into stocks once the coast is
    clear, i'm

    ya_gotta_believe_in_me (because if you
    can't believe in me, who can you believe in?)

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    • They Called me names when WE SAID SELL at 42 to
      46. Now we say BSX is WAY UNDERVALUED for a Major
      Buy... BSX at 18X Estimates is DIRT CHEAP even though
      THE CHART looks Sad -But BUY YES we did at 2/3 LONG
      Now for The 4th Year Running - TARGET is 42 plus in
      10 Months-sound familiar YEP been here & DONE that
      many times before..A GREAT Trade but a Buy & Hold its
      not. BSX is now at a 50% Discount to MDT and that we
      bought too at 32 plus.. P.S. WE were posting AT AOL
      before but They CUT MY posts off cause we KEPT given THE
      AOL sell signals at every top ..No AOL for me now...

    • key support level at 20 1/2 intraday when a 200k
      sell order was placed around 3:20. Today's rebound
      with DOW will be a important hint as far as technical
      concern. If the downtrend breaks this support level, it
      could be ugly. If BSX up from here, it will be right
      back to 26-28 level. It is just my personal opinion. I
      have been wrong many time before. Keep our finger
      close today.

    • Just 4 days ago BSX was $26 and now it has shed
      near 20%. Your explaination would make sense if they
      had chosen a day when the DOW was neutral.

      Are there any reasons for the sudden spurt in volume
      on days when the DOW is down big time.

    • The last two days sell-off of over all market is
      due to the fund managers. Since they took profits
      from other stocks, they would sell BSX to off set the
      capital gain.

      PS. I will be holding garage sell
      tomorrow and try to buy BSX as much as I can.


    • Dont worry the selling is easier to explain then
      people think. People are fearing that there is insider
      selling by institutions but this is not true. THe simple
      fact is that institutions do not want this stock to
      show up on their quarterly reports and also they are
      taking the loss from this bad boy for the tax sell off
      by end of october. A lot of profits in other stocks
      and this is dead money for 3 months plus so they
      figure sell this one and pick back up someo ther time.
      Same with CPQ. It is going through the same thing.

    • Even my five year old kid can read you like a

      My five year old kid told me, you would claim that
      you sold it back at day' hight just before you

      Now my kid is telling me again, you will claim that
      you already bought it back at day' low if BSX
      rebounces back up tomorrow.

      Let' see.


    • You must get yours from the psychic hotline! The
      FACTS are this:
      1)Nir on Sox will still be the Nir,
      the same stiff, vessel straigthening, side-branch
      unfreindly stent that docs are abandoning now. Nir Royal
      WILL NOT help. Check Europe, 10% market share with
      that stellar product. And what's next??? Nothing
      unless they can buy it (ooops, can't do that cause they
      got no money!)
      2)Guidant, and soon Medtronic AVE
      will both have rapid exchange.
      The bigger deal is
      that these two monsters have pacer, aicd and
      valves while BSX has zip!! Hard to compete with those
      types of dollars on the line in a market that is
      looking to bundle to save BIG $'s.
      3)The one thing you
      are probably right on the the buy-out, they

    • I don't want to be a blinded moronic step-child.
      Here is the solution: I will sell all my 5k BSX
      tomorrow (average cost 22 plus) and then go short this
      dog. Now, please give me the guidance when to cover?
      Could you also share the secret of your hatred? Thanks
      in advance!..........a scary short-termer.

    • 1. NIR on SOX. Issues resolved, will make an
      impact on the US market.
      2. Rapid exchange ballon
      patent, makes it a very attractive choice against
      companies that DO NOT have one available to them in the
      U.S. market.
      3. At $21 in a medical sector that has
      been consistently experiencing multiple
      buyout/takeovers. It means this company if ripe for you know
      4. Atherectomy device HAD 2 problems at ONLY 1 site
      in the U.S., and that issue has been resolved. The
      future is strong for this company either


    • You probably work for Medtronics!!

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