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  • FearNoLimits FearNoLimits Oct 14, 1999 4:13 PM Flag

    Got in at $19.75

    &&& expect to double my $$$ within 7 months. This is 2nd time I
    do that. Last December got in at $28 sold at $41. Go BSX

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    • I think that coming from 47 down 62% is quite a big down for only a bad quarter (furthermore what is bad ?) - the erosion cannot be that big ?!

    • this will be a bad quarter for bsx . going down
      to 15 . major reason for pull back is not rotablade
      recall but softening stent market and erosion of market
      share.In addition market has lost confidence due to
      repeated disapiontments and continuous insider trading

    • The only people who are buying are traders
      looking for a 1/16; they and the millions of burnt BSX
      investors are going to be taking EOY tax losses now. Those
      earnings will have to be pretty good to make this ship
      sail...and I am long.

    • Boston Scientific current price ->

      First resistance for Boston Scientific -> $28.38
      (50-day moving average)

      Second resistance for
      Boston Scientific -> $34.45 (200-day moving

      Support for Boston Scientific -> $17.93 (52-week

      I've done lot of DD on this company, been watching for
      quite sometime. According to my estimation, following
      are the approximate numbers, (always do you own DD).
      What I haven't been able to find (and when I say
      haven't been able to, I mean for sure, there are lot of
      rumors but nothing concrete) is what's going on with
      this company. Until then I'll keep doing DD, hope to
      come up with some answeres, and then decide either to
      load up or pass.


    • Look at the 5-year chart! Twice in 97. Once in 98. And right now is the good time to buy. I give it a couple of days to flush out the weak hearts, then we can go on with biz. My2c!

    • Will go up towards the end (19 5/16) and close at 19 1/8 bid;19 3/16 ask.

      We'll see low 20s before mid-week.

      All IMHO

    • 18 1/2 x 9/16...
      but yes, it has bottomed out
      so buy, buy, buy. The only way the shorts will make
      money is if there is a general market upheaval. Maybe
      "all that glitters is not gold" but the market still
      has life. But for BSX, today anyway, it will sort of
      flicker out towards 4 pm. Good luck to all my devotees.

    • at 17 and change. With today's rise , it looks
      like to have seen the worst already. Need to close
      above 19 today and then keep up the rise ... even if
      slow... to 20 .. on Tuesday .. as after the results are
      announced once its apparent that the earnings are not as
      bad as anticipated and with an additional amount of
      good / positive news we should be back on the way to
      > 25.
      Get in now , as we won't see 17 again...
      its all up from here.
      Good luck to all BSX longs !

    • should be the bottom this time.I do not think we
      will see 15.Unless the Q'3 results are worse than
      indicated. The Q'3 results are due to be released on Tuesday
      at 4 pm , but the stock price has already factored
      in the expectations of disappointing results -
      however, better than indicated earnings or higher gross
      sales or higher than expected stent sales or good news
      regarding the progress on getting the Rotablator back to
      the market - will send the price upwards of 20 , may
      be to the 22-26 levels.
      You are right ... there
      appears to be a lot of support at 18, however expect to
      see a temporary dip intra-day to a figure > 16
      either today or monday.
      Then the tide will turn and
      BSX will be on an upward trend , rapidly !

    • How did you come up with this number? It looks to me that there is some support at 18 so I bought some.Could be wrong but don't think so. Explain why 15?

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