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  • jonnybeGOOD1999 jonnybeGOOD1999 Nov 11, 1999 11:44 AM Flag

    Dead money?

    Is this company a dead money stock for the
    foreseable future? It doesn't appear to be going anywhere.
    There was a change in the BOD -- did Nicholas bring in
    do nothing buddies?

    Opinions requested.

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    • J&J tried to buy Biocompatibles,BCTBF in
      and BII.L in London, and the stock went to
      before the deal was completed, and then fell thru, and
      then Boston had a go, and now
      Abbott have sunk
      $12mil as pref loan convertible at $5 etc et
      al.......they've had
      huge press on back of ABBOTT deal and
      reccommending all over, easy today cause MM's
      short of
      shares, and FDA fast track for stents
      friday....well lo and behold Saloman Barney
      upgraded today in
      the UK.......�6...$10
      Thanks for the ticker...hope
      this does the favour back!!!

    • were following previously mentioned
      company, the stent event will meet
      everyone's "approval" .........
      so having given you that, can you give....
      I still need the US ticker symbol!!!

    • Good luck


    • give me the ticker symbol for this company.


    • Woodfleet, I actually work for a living and so
      alas, I cannot sit by the ocean all day and wait for
      THE wave. As much as I would like... This is one of
      your great postings and I must digest this one for
      awhile. One thing abput combined devices, they tend to be
      more expensive than separate devices. A combination of
      a balloon and ultrasound catheter. From what I have
      heard there is resistance in the market to these
      combination devices. I have heard that Eson devices have had
      quality problems ( as had BSX) because of complexity.

    • Bye Bye BSX I hardly Knew Ye!

    • I truly believe Mr. Tobin and Mr. Taylor will
      successfully sort through all of the previous and current
      bulls--t and slowly guide BSX back toward the success that
      has pushed this company toward the $3B mark. I get
      really sick and tired of reading about all of the damn
      negative comments and generic bitching that constantly
      gets posted to this board. If the majority of you
      folks could pull your head out of your ass long enough
      to recognize daylight, just maybe some of you might
      recognize the light that has been lit at the end of the
      proverbial tunnel.

    • Not down on the beach today?
      Medinol, via Art
      Rosenthal always make sure they stop any new stent
      technology coming into BSX. They want to hold their
      monopoly. Their favourite excuse is 'it infringes'. So they
      get the attorneys to scare management if any
      technology that threatens their internal monopoly seems to
      be gaining favour. I am not being cynical, I truly
      believe this is the way it works in BSX R&D.
      had an option to buy back BSX for a paltry sum within
      a certain period of the BSX spin-out. They admit
      (privately) to making the wrong decision to pass, but it is
      not out of the question that they could yet get BSX
      back. Although if a buy-out happened it is most likely
      to be Tyco - those guys would have no problem in
      ripping into Scimed / BSX politics and sorting out the
      mess properly. Tobin still has to tip-toe around
      implementing and changing things gradually. Look at how long
      it took to retire Dale from SciMed. Tyco wouldn't be
      afraid to grab the company by the balls and sort it
      On the subject of ESON, their technology has the
      potential to make the BSX system obsolete. It's the solid
      state technology vs mechanical tech issue. There's a
      lot of room for improvement in the ESON system,
      whereas the BSX system is reaching its limits. ESON now
      has good image quality, and can miniaturise their
      caths to the extent that they can be combined with
      balloons to give IVUS-guided stent deployment for the
      first time. All these things make ESON's current stock
      price look a bargain. Analysts don't understand this
      company, which is why it is so cheap right now. ESON's
      recent problems have been in manufacturing and execution
      of their commercial strategy. They had JNJ as a
      distributor at a time when the cath lab door was locked to
      keep out JNJ reps when their market share was heading
      south. In Europe they took on Jomed as a distributor and
      a year ago fired JNJ and have gone direct in US -
      we have not seen that strategy bear fruit yet. Like
      BII, with the right marketing partner the company
      could do very well. I don't have much ESON stock, but
      unfortunately it is the one company that I am losing money on
      at the moment. But I am going to be patient because
      I believe they will be successful. Perhaps some
      management changes would help, together with the replacement
      of a couple of Board members with someone of the
      caliber of BSX's recent board appointments. It is
      undervalued, of that I have no doubt. And if you add the smart
      wire technology to the IVUS, they have some good
      products for important niches in the market - so
      commercial success will come...eventually.
      If the rumours
      about GDT are true (I have not heard those rumours fron
      any credible source to date) then in the hands of GDT
      we could see a modest expansion of the IVUS market -
      the Duet on an IVUS guided deployment system would be
      novel, and an attractive prospect to many cardiologists.
      BSX cannot miniaturise its own system to achieve an
      IVUS / balloon combination, so could not compete with

    • This man(?) does not have much of a life to

      Anyway as a Biocompatibles long I am happy that
      some deal has been made to get this technology to
      market in the US. Bii needs a company with the marketing
      and distribution clout of an Abbot. But like you and
      the Guv said it could have been BSX and that is the
      pity. Gives credence to the idea, advanced by some,
      that the Medinol deal caused this to happen.

      Someone else on this board or Guidant's( I now own Some
      of that due to CTSI purchase) suggested that BSC may
      be a takeover target for Abbott. Abbott once was a
      part owner of BSC. Anyone care to comment on that one?
      Rapid consolidation in this sector of the market seems
      to be the order of the day. Little fish eaten by
      bigger ones and those fish eaten by still bigger

      Also Guidant(from the message board) is reputed to be
      interested in endosonics which competes with BSX ' IVUS
      group. Endosonics probably needs some cash to continue.
      Anyone care to comment on the copetitiveness of the two
      ultrasound groups? I tend to think that it helps the market
      for ultrasound imaging.

      As for Woodfleet's
      ability to advise on investments: If I had payed more
      attention to her posts I coulda made some more money....

    • party pooper you!

      When you report Amy,
      could you include the names of the editors of all the
      major UK newspapers. They have been talking about a Bio
      deal with Abbott for over one month now - saying
      exactly what Amy said in her message. Maybe they can
      reserve a wing of Wandsworth prison in South London to
      house them all.
      Seriously billbuck, we all have our
      different styles and sometimes we do not endear ourselves
      to all who read our messages.
      I guess as dd says,
      it ain't too late to get a piece of the BII action.
      The stock should be marked-up significantly on Monday
      morning (the ABT news came after UK market close on
      Friday). The stock has increased by a factor of 5 since
      September '98 and will at least double over the next 12
      months. If it only doubles then I will be
      BII and, as someone points out on the GDT board, ESON
      would be sound investments for the next 12 months. But
      then I am not qualified to give investment
      Zhoot - BII has an extensive web-site

      Let's hope BSX gives us some good news soon also. I'm
      still confident that Mr Tobin will make us happy. Hey
      Jim, you missed out on BII, how about a deal with
      Mednova? - or would Medinol veto that one


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