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  • steelwheeld1 steelwheeld1 Feb 24, 2000 4:10 AM Flag

    The Albatross...

    What will be done with the albatross of
    BSC...Medinol? AS Tobin cleans the stables the biggest question
    is how to clean up this particular mess. The sooner
    the better....All of the other problems pale in
    comparison to medinol although in combination they are
    important too. This fix is obvious; it must happen. How
    Tobin handles the fix will be instructive. good luck to
    all of the longs!

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    • Tobin has finished the much needed changes to his
      staff with the new CTO and CCO. The CTO enjoys a good
      The CCO
      will probably do a much better job with the press and
      the investment community than did Best. He is
      probably adept at handling PR disasters from his time with
      Teddy Kennedy during Teddy's heavy drinking years.

      The endoscopy group has reorged but seems very top
      heavy. Look for more reorg on the divisional levels as
      the whole company gets cleaned up. It looks like the
      top level of BSC is firmly under Tobin's control.

      Now if something can be done with the medinol mess
      and a few new product releases and no more recalls
      and the end to the DOJ investigation if it is still
      ongoing and if some way can be found to stanch the
      outflow of the best employees maybe we will see BSC
      getting back to where it was back a few years ago. A lot
      of damage control remains to be done and a lot of
      dead wood still needs to be cut. It does look like
      Tobin is doing the right things. We are seeing results
      in the last quarter on cost control. This is
      encouraging. First Quarter results should show more evidence
      of cost controls as savings begin to mount.

    • Carl-
      Take it from one who KNOWS - No way will Biliary be approved or available in April. Oh, and Berman didn't actually cry at the meeting . . .

    • If you bothered to read the debates that Beezerx
      and I have had I can't imagine that one would go
      through the mental gyrations to complete that series. Do
      you really think I sound like beezerx? God help
      beezer and Carl if they look like me for the feds are
      looking for me now. My likeness can be seen in every post
      As for Patty Duke I always thought she was cute.
      Cologne what is that? Never use it! Some kind of quaint
      French idea me thinks. Read the old posts. Read the last
      1500 or so and you will get some idea.

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    • SCIMED and MEDITECH both had there National Sales
      Meetings this week. Tobin, Able, Nicklaus all made there
      appearances. Apparantely, Berman made a tearful good bye to
      Tobin gave the straigt scoop. He expects a stock price
      of 40 by the end of the year. 150 in 5 years. I hope
      he is correct. Was not there in person so I am
      hearing this info second hand.
      NIR Biliary (sp?) is
      expected by April. NIR GOLD coronary is expected by any
      day. Wall graft is expected by year end. Vanguard III
      is in trouble. Next Gen device by 2003.
      remember what else my friends had to say.
      The second
      half of the year will make or break BSX. Expect Tobin
      to keep cutting to keep the OPEX in check.
      company needs to keep hitting the numbers before we see
      any improvement.

      Hope this is somewhat


    • Beezer, Carl, Route and a few others are like
      Patty Duke. They look alike, they sound alike, in fact
      they are probably the same person.
      Or maybe, they
      use the same cologne.
      Whatever, this is not a
      personality contest. If it was, I would win.

      So what
      is new with BSX?
      How does the shuffle go?
      do new products come out?

      Are all of the
      insiders dead? Or maybe they got


      Mr. Congeniality

    • This is generally a very intelligent board. The
      people who post on it know the company and the

      Beez is critical of the company, but he is also
      informed and reasonable. Of course he has some money. So
      do many of us. You ought to be glad that he is
      offering you his ideas.

      He does not need my
      defense. But to answer your question--yes, a lot of us do
      care what he says.

      On the other hand, I can
      see no reason to read your post, and I find its tone
      offensive. If you want some unpleasant babbling, go over to
      the PFE board and waste your time there.

      mark of education is the ability to tell quality from
      schlock. Beezer is quality. You are not.

    • rodman madonna -

      Sorry - have already
      wasted to much time typing to the likes of you - Your
      name selection says volumes.

      Beez, - I
      consider MDT and GDT to be the big players in this market
      segment - My question - Do you ever see a merger between
      BSX and STJ? They seem to have the components to
      putin place a comparable offering to

      Look forward to your reply's???


    • he is the man in this board so get loss!

    • One more of those and your out of the game. I
      know beez (personally, I think). Anyway, he is no
      college kid jerking around.

      You sound like you
      might have some issues that can't be solved on this
      board. So take your ball and go home! WaaaaaaH!

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