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  • beezerx2 beezerx2 May 3, 2000 10:58 AM Flag

    Twist (again)

    Sorry, missed a point. Rising interest rates have
    a larger affect on companies who carry debt. In a
    rising interest rate environment, (as in most) PE's are
    relatively usless, debt is more important. So, one should
    choose investments in companies that have a lot of cash
    and can therefore be lenders in a high interest rate
    environment, and have a large growth rate Q/Q or Y/Y.

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    • Heon:
      I agree with you wholeheartedly

      Let it go, you're starting to get boring

    • OK we got our Nir Royal in the USA. My targets
      are $33 in 6 months. $45 in 1.5 years. Bet your house
      if it comes back to the low 20s cause we'll never
      see that price again.

      This is just the
      beginning of a beautiful run, and look at how weak the
      overall market was. BSX is a gem, a good growth
      undervalued play in the best industry.

      Good luck BSX

    • Beez- Wow, remind me not to sit next to you on a
      drive through the grassy knoll. Methinks people are a
      bit thin skinned on this board.

      Hey did you
      see the latest from Madam Secy Shalala? This will
      increase cost of doing clinical research and in my view
      delay products to market -more than the FDA ever could
      in past.

    • beezerx2 appointed himself judge, jury and
      executioner of messages posted on this board. He will not
      take responsibility for anything he has said, he is
      God in his own little world. We have to let him have
      his own way, because he will not hold a reasonable
      dialog. It's best to just leave him alone and let him

    • First of all, my sincere apologies for degrading
      either your mother or her memory. I am Irish, both
      parents on the boat to NY.

      That said, my comment
      came from a misundestanding of your post. I thought
      that you were remarking on my tendency to use double
      negatives and semantics, both very strong Irish traits,
      even more so for the newly arrived. Very common in

      However, after the appropriate reflection
      and re-reading of your comment, I now realize that
      instead of making fun of my style (which I do more than
      anyone), you were actually making character shots at me
      personally. I often challenge people's positions, but try not
      to vilify them personally, however that seems to be
      a common trait among the Clinton (isn't he the
      first sitting President to be referred for
      disbarrment?) apologists. Vast right wing conspiracy and all.

      Last point, Cranial-Anal isn't related to the
      elimination process, at least not in my experience. At least
      get your feeble shots correct.

      All due

    • Don't like your reference to the Irish - The
      Irish aren't crude. My mother was Irish. As to being an
      apologist for Clinton - and telling me to go elsewhere -
      dear sir since when are you the anointed keeper of the

    • AMEN!!! BSC has gutted Target and has left the
      little ship in the bottle to sink like the Titanic.
      Target has fallen so far behind the competition and with
      all the corporate implants...Hey BSC this is
      California, jobs are out there to be had. SciMed culture
      works in the boonies of Minnesota, not in start-up
      Silicon Valley.

    • Well, your first point signifies that I'm Irish. As to Clinton, go be an apologist somewhere else - facts are facts.

    • could you expound on a "483"? Thanks. I concur
      with you. Scimed senior management is being puppeted
      from Natick. I wonder how long Mark S. is going to
      hang around taking orders from Paul L. and
      for Paul B. who knows...Mike M. is better off at
      spineteck, you are right about Mike Berman.....he too is
      better off.. and the question many more
      defections to follow? If Advance is approved, Scimed gets a
      reprieve, if FDA clamps down, the ship starts taking in

    • I counted 3 words attached to the elimination process in your message - what does that imply. Also Clinton bashing gets tiresome too.

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