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  • brokentrader brokentrader Jun 18, 2000 5:49 PM Flag

    RE: buyout possibilities.

    I don't think that the exodus of many on the
    sales force is any indication of buyout. If that were
    the case, we would see a much stronger stock price
    and stronger volume on BSX. If sales reps were
    leaving because of a buyout, the news would have

    I have spent quite a bit of time trying to analyze
    the viability of the recurrent rumors that BSX is on
    the verge of being bought out. See message # 8715 for
    some of my observations regarding some financial ratio

    It seems that BSX is struggling at this point, based
    on many of the postings here and from what I read in
    the press. Initially when a company goes public, the
    shareholders have illusions that the stock is going to the
    moon, and then they hit a stone wall, and reality hits
    them. The truely prosperious times are probably behind
    BSX. If they wait too much longer to make a deal with
    someone, I think they know that they might then be in a
    serious state of decline. They currently still have great
    value. I hope they know that the time has come to make a
    deal with someone.

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    • For a time here, it seems this board has been
      populated by strutting, loudmouth, profane persons.
      much as I hate seeing your low valuation of BSX, I
      have to agree. They have not proven the worth of a
      higher number, despite what all of the speculators

    • I know that at one time, Pete Jr. was a sales rep, I believe for the MediTech Division .

    • Right now, about $28.50 - $32.00, anything else is overage.

    • Do you think they will sell @ $47.00?No blue sky,no premium?What are BSX gross revenues?RENNENE post ratios,revenues.....ect.What is BSX worth????????????????????????????

    • Do you like to overpay for things? When a company
      overpays it can be a drag on the company for many years.
      $47/share covers everybody that has ever bought BSX, that
      they don't take a loss.

      Even at that price the
      buyer will have to think really hard about doing a
      deal. $47/share is almost 7 times sales and a price
      earnings of 51.

    • I think I can clear some things up. First is Pete
      and his family own alot more that 13 million shares.
      I don't know if it is in a trust or something else
      that is not showing up. I would think he owns at least
      as much as John.

      Second, I don't think John
      want a status position anywhere. I believe he is
      Chairman emeritus (sp?). He is the emotional leader, but
      has little to do with day to day stuff anymore. Pete
      on the other hand did not sell to JNJ in 95? because
      they would not give him a seat on the board. After all
      he is worth at least 2 billion and that does not
      include his wifes fortune. I believe she is the
      granddaughter of Eli Lilly (He owned a pretty big company in

      Third, I don't think John and Pete and trusts and
      families own 50% of the stock anymore. At one time this
      was true. That was before all the mergers and

      Fourth, everyone has a price.

      I hope this
      information was helpful.

      Good luck. Lets get this
      thing over 30.

    • not important. What is important is whether there is a buyer that wants BSX bad enough to offer between $45-60/share.

    • The founders are close to retirement age, and
      their kids should be in their 30s. If the founders kids
      work at BSX, the founders are less likely to sell
      their shares. The fathers' dreams at one time included
      turning BSX over to the capable hands of the next
      generation. Is this dream even remotely possible: i.e. what
      positions if any do the kids have in BSX?

    • I agree that an impending buyout would not cause
      sales reps to leave in fact it would probably do just
      the opposite. If BSX got bought out the stock would
      likely go up significantly, which means the reps would
      make money on their options. Also anyone laid off as a
      result of a buyout would likely get a good severance
      package. Given the good job market it makes no sense for
      people to leave in advance of a buyout. JMHO

    • BSX is definetly struggling. All divisions are
      experiencing heavy turnover in sales, especially for BSX,
      which typically had low 5% turnover.

      I do think
      that the product pipeline is loosing up and the back
      half of the year will be much better. In the mean time
      Tobin is cutting expenses like a bandit to hit the
      number. I think (no source) that they will hit the number
      on the bottom line and stabilize the top line (maybe
      even show some growth) this quarter. This should be
      good for the stock price.

      As far as comments
      someone made on playing nice with Guidant. Remember,
      Guidant also played nice with JNJ. I do not think you can
      read into that too much. Maybe, everyone is sick and
      tired of the lawyers being the only ones that make out
      on the law suits.

      The only rumor I have heard
      is that BSX is going to buy STJ. I heard and posted
      that it was going to happen 2 weeks ago. My source was
      wrong. I don't think Tobin is ready to throw it in yet.
      Maybe for 60 though. I don't think this stock will get
      there for a long time to come.


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