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  • look_ster look_ster Sep 21, 1999 11:42 AM Flag

    Was quite impressive

    as far as message and clarity! We're in good hands IMO.

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    • I don't use these boards as a resource you dumb
      ass- but you obviously do. I use them for what they
      are meant for - to chat with others. Did that concept
      slip by you ??? The only novice here is you -Dumb Dog.
      I have been daytrading for 11 yrs and it is my full
      time job. I have a very enjoyable lifestyle. So I do
      believe I will be daytrading quite a bit longer you
      ignorant fool. But go on, keep acting like you actually
      have a clue in your ignorant head.

    • As GOTO drops I bet LOOK gets the rise, why, why
      not, no reason for GOTO up 14 plus. Looksmart has a
      good product and when it when the name gets known its
      good for 90+, no you think, check in 2 months.

    • Here's some thoughts about the CNBC interview,
      obviously Evan has mentioned the emphasis for the near term
      future is onto the search engine quality, and only after
      that they'll spend more effects on building the user
      communication, like the communities, the chatting, etc.

      Looksmart, in this way, is not exactly the same as most
      other portals, which have been used by the analysts to
      do the comparison. On the other hand, it's not the
      same as Altavista either. The business they're
      building up is somewhere in between the two and can be
      viewed as sort of filling the niche. No one else is a
      real competitor or threat in this market.

      The other thing worth mentioning is the unique users
      / number of visits ratio is very very high
      particularly at Looksmart, this is an feature not of a portal
      but of a search site. It is also a feature of a
      growing site, a lot of new users coming to visit and once
      the frequence of visiting increases we're to see the
      hits to be magnified at a much higher pace.

    • Teri since you're a fellow Texan, I'll spare you
      my wrath. (actually I don't have a wrath - it's not
      worth the effort)

      You have to take the post in
      context (i.e. read my other postings). I have never seen
      so many novice "traders" on one board. Not being
      able to read TOS, understanding how the ISLD ECN
      works, posting real time quotes and every uptick and
      downtick. Someone actually wants Yahoo to "speed up quotes"
      to help them trade better. AMAZING.

      If you're
      long in LOOK - the message boards are a great
      resource. If you're trading intraday - you're determined to
      lose money, only giving us daytraders a worse

      Dingo Dog
      no new tricks here

    • I couldn't resist replying to your stupid post.
      Quote from you "Nothing but novice newbie clowns on
      this message board." You must be a NOVICE NEWBIE since
      YOU post on this board. See how stupid you sound?????

      I do have to agree with you that LOOK is a good
      stock even if you are a novice newbie.

    • If you daytrade and use Yahoo message boards as
      an intraday resource - you won't be a daytrader much

      Try or

      at least you can post realtime quotes in realtime
      where they might be useful.

      Nothing but novice
      newbie clowns on this message board.

      LOOK is
      strong long - don't sweat the intraday ticks - at least

      Type NET-ZERO without DASH


    • i just sold this stock and bought 5000 shares of etel. etel is a very good stock and will triple your money within 3 to 4 weeks. buy now.

    • The upside runs are not as great anymore before coverage was initiated. You might think LOOK has already run to $100 and split 2 for 1 based on the recent anemic activity...

    • Yes I do watch tick by tick - thats how you make
      money daytrading. I bought more this morning at 30 1/4
      and 30 3/8 and sold at 33 15/16. I'm holding my
      original postition from 27 and 33...but I've been trading
      along the way as well.

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