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  • Born2late Born2late Oct 7, 1999 7:22 PM Flag

    Earnings last week in October

    And StockInformant, quit your bitching you
    If you can't take the heat, stay out of the internet

    endut, the above wasn't for you, just wanted to kill two
    birds with one stone, or at least help one and smack
    the other. :)

    Later, go LOOK,

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    • I am personally long on this stock and had even
      purchased some at 41. Am I worried? Not at all. I won't go
      over all of the positive info that we all already
      know. I will say Lick My Hairy Balls should change his
      handle to "How do I walk with such BIG BALLS?"
      is to be short at this point. He must be a rookie
      because the pros shorted at 40 and are buying back at
      this level. This has been great for me because it has
      presented an opportunity to average down. You hit the nail
      on the head about certain IPO's that settle before
      they move forward. Compare the charts of some of the
      other recent net IPO's. Good luck and watch how this
      board will be full people in two weeks. Lmhb don't
      short going into earnings that are to be some of the
      best since 1995. You short after the quarter is over
      and into the Y2k fear. What a silly boy.

    • I am holding slightly more than 125,000 shares in
      Look. This week I plan on buying more. I also own a
      chunk of Daimler-Chrysler that was an inheritance when
      it was only Daimler. Other issues that I own are
      Lionbridge, and Mypoints. I have great faith in them as well.
      The problem with these boards is that whether you own
      1 share or 1 million shares every one's voice is
      still heard equally. That's ok, but read between the
      lines. When someone loses 1000$, well that could mean a
      disaster for them. For others like myself, 100,000$ loss
      in one day is just a normal day. Looksmart will
      trade in the 100's before I will sell.

    • I'm also holding position, like you.
      How many shares? I think your stretching the truth on this one.
      If you've got over 3 mil in one stock, you should be institutionalized!

    • we buy by scaring other poor unfortunates out of
      their stock. The reality here is that LOOK is a
      terrific stock to buy, but for the long term. The
      difference between you and I is that I do not panic.
      Looksmart will trade in the 120's once its earning are
      published. If you are going to daytrade this issue, well
      brother you will lose your jocky shorts. Stay the course,
      you will turn out to be a winner. Also, cut out the
      negative language. This is no need for that foul language
      on this site. If my comments bother you, then please
      sell you 100 shares and take a hike. I will keep my
      125,000 shares and laugh all the way to the bank.

    • with a name like this there is nothing else to say other than to call a shrink........!!!! Sandro47

    • Why doesn't everybody dump this pile of shit
      stock. LOOK at reality folks. The website is crap
      compared to Yahoo or any other portal. LOOK is a complete
      joke. You are fooling yourselves if you think there is
      any future for LOOK. I have told longs to dump before
      and I will say it again. Dump this piece of shit and
      minimize losses.

    • You're a big man behind an alias on the internet... You're not even worth my time. I expected this one to run today.

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