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  • mssrRabelais mssrRabelais Mar 19, 1998 10:52 AM Flag

    rose tool

    I am currently using the Rose tool and am very pleased with it. I noticed that most of the developers who don't like it are
    the "hackers", guys who like to get down into the lowest level of the code and "configure" things to their own liking. Most of
    these guys like to think they are top notch and should have complete control of all the nuts and bolts. In reality these guys are
    dinosaurs. The methods they use were OK when only a handfull of people worked on a project and the code was small, but today projects
    are large with sometimes hundreds of people. Tools like Rose, etc. are an absolute necessity for large projects and the
    abstraction away from the nuts and bolts a proper methodology. Advanced tools are the future of software and, like the real dinosaurs,
    "hackers" will also become extinct.

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