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  • bonefishinfool bonefishinfool Dec 30, 2009 2:26 PM Flag

    BDC Analysis

    Robby, Thanks for your hard work and posting it, I have been sorting through these bdc's as well and your work was appreciated and used, how cool you posted it.
    One thing I have learned in my short 42 years is if you want good high divs., let your beneficiaries worry about the capital gains. Literally. At some point it seems , Iam not interested in big price moving stocks and happy with 10 % div. If a guy socks in say 100k into some good div. funds, heck $1000 to 1200 a month is damn good income...I guess the future of these business is something one has to watch tho. I am particularly suspect that a number of these BDC's all essentially have the same name, Apollo, Ares, in they are from the same "dreamteam"???. I don't know , but maybe more looking may yield some answers. Looking objectively, I find it quite unusual that they have all greek god references..for names..coincidence?, I doubt it.

    I am always looking for more good div investments and I have traded Nuveen Funds, particularly , JRS for many , many years. This thing used to pay a whopping div and now it's settled down to the rest of the world. Nuveen seems to have a decent track record, they have some good divi investments, prices were better of course months ago, when bottom feeding was on most of our minds? They seem to be a solid outfit with some handsome divs... W.

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