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  • glsimmons3 glsimmons3 Aug 17, 2011 9:22 AM Flag

    A BDC Look

    thanks, no i value any informed opinions in this sector... i'm positioned heavily in the energy (oil/ng) industry and and i want to use a couple of bdc as forms of diversification... dipped my toes in psec, fsc, and arcc really to tie me down to do the h/w... sometime i have to tie a little money up to force myself to do the h/w... some of the bdc's are very small w/ market cap under 500 mil. and others have been paying a divi that looks too big for the income statements, while some appear to make POs often (as you mentioned) and in some cases the books are so cloudy it looks like the PO's may be used to pay the divi...
    for a nice divi 9% or better that appears to be safe w/ some solid growth potential in a flat to improving economy, do you recommend i point my attention towards any particular companies? i do like arcc and just started looking at slrc.
    thanks for any info
    and yes, i've seen jade and a few others on these boards, preaching the trades while others preach the coming armageddon... thats the psec board
    thanks guys

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