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  • usawarbound usawarbound Sep 21, 2009 1:37 PM Flag

    Lol...bastard mm's - This lton news...


    Is with major League Baseball. It is exclusive. It is Multi-year. It is Multi-region.

    Stock does not move until the bastards say it is time to. Sigh...patience I guess for now. I really am convinced that an ideal exit window will be in 2010 anyway.

    GL all.

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    • You are right about the MMs and all of Wall Street - they are nothing but garbage and they rape and plunder this country to stuff money in their pockets, never producing a dam thing. Just my opinion.

    • These little nonsense swoons are obviously trumped out from the back room bowels of the likes of China Rock and Farallon and possibly even Renaiissance.

      What I never have gotten is how goons 1&2 are able to control the shareprice and all the other possible firms to invest know they should stay away. There must be silent agreements of sorts.

      This indicates that the goons actually have respected turfs that are sacred.

      I would love to see a new instition come rolling in and buying big..but its not how it works.

      You stay off my turf I stay of yours. And, we will both enjoy screwing the little guy as we manipulate our own turfs in our own respective fashions.

      The cunning wolves run in small packs in selected territories cleaning out all the unsuspecting rabbits.

      Is the company apart?

      Hard to say for sure, I like the facts on the MLB deal.

      But, I would guess its not going to catch much of this year.

      Either way its terrific news. The earnings call was good news as well. Still 15% below cash are we looking at some strange hostile bid that puts management in a difficult spot?

      Really strange stuff going on here. I plan to be around to see why all the peculiar action that wants to buck the facts.

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      • I always enjoy these little conspiracy theories about mm's controlling the prices. Volume was at 122k today -- that's nothing. The fact is this stock just doesn't generate a lot of interest so when a news story hits no one really cares except the people who already own it. This is a good company that is undervalued in an exceptionally silly way. It would take a foolish individual to try to game the swings on a stock with such one-sided potential. It will pick up as it gains more attention but don't be surprised when these stories generate enthusiasm on a lagged basis or not at all.

    • Its good news. I am trying to grab another couple thousand shares at 2.10...