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  • jpnmqrtn jpnmqrtn Nov 4, 2012 8:32 AM Flag

    which way next

    The gains in the investments at other Bhakti controlled entities would suggest significant marked to market improvements. Just what we own and what we have sold is a mystery. But, certainly we are in the black by a large sum if these markets can hold. At current values, Linktone still is just now reaching cash value add in the gains and cash value should roll up to nearly 120 million.

    I had a little time to wade through bmtr.jk (parent owner) financials. A couple new things there. Asset values are shown on their books from 2011 as on the rise. Linktone china(much higher 20-25%), Linktone Indonesia (higher 15%) Letang (higher 10%) Innoform lower 15% and a question mark.

    The question mark being Alliance Entertainment seems to have vaporized showing no asset values so it is a wonder what happened with this? Has it ben sold, dissolved, written off? Depending on this outcome the overall numbers were positive, even without these numbers the outcome is positive. Unfortunately, the visibility still leaves a big ??? in the game plan at Innoform.

    The biggest point may be that Global Mediacom has place its Linktone assets under a business umbrella called GMI. GMI stands for Global Mediacom International. I think you and I may see Linktone called this very change. Hary T is into branding and Innoform and Linktone doesn't cut it. Once they stamp these assets on the Nasdaq as GMI you can count on the empire of Hary Tanoe being behind this. Not saying this will occur now or anytime soon.

    One other point to make and again not to raise the hype as hype is never good in the very long run. But, I noticed going through the old filings when Linktone was taking over by MNCN.jk guess who did the PR...DF King; Taylor Rafferty is PR arm of DF King. Piacante out Tayor Rafferty in. All I can say is HMMMMM. What is up now?

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