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  • jotmose jotmose Mar 10, 1999 6:02 PM Flag

    Hey S Mother_carolina Can you say OOWWW

    Let's see, you sold short at 10 1/2. SIPX closed
    today at 10 1/2 hold on a minute let me whip out my
    trusty calculator and figure this out. It looks like
    even if you'd have sold 2,350,127 shares short. You'd
    still have made................NUTHIN' Ha HA HEE HEE.
    If I were you S Mother I would't cover my shorts
    yet. SIPEX sucks, it's bound to drop back down, and
    THEN you can cover those shorts. Right after you do
    that, take a look outside, cause there's bound to be
    pigs flying all over the sky. And the Temp in Hell's
    going sub zero. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. What
    was that you USED to say. Short that


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