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  • Wombat_Rimpoche Wombat_Rimpoche Apr 3, 1999 6:38 AM Flag

    Really low volume today.

    I don't think anyone bought or sold.
    Hmmmmm I wonder what it means :)

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    • Centurion, low volume means no buying OR selling
      If the MM's are lowering bid/ask on low volume they
      are acting
      as traders and not market makers except
      with the HUGE advantage
      that they set the price. It
      is easy for MM's to move price
      on low volume but
      if it's for their advantage and coordinated
      other MMs then it is illegal. Low volume should mean
      stable price and not an opportunity for the MMs to make

    • What all you guys are forgetting to factor in is
      that low volume means NO DEMAND for the stock. So it
      is easy for the MM's to push it down. If no one
      wants to bid 13, why should I? I'll lower my bid to
      12.875 and see if I can pick up some sellers.
      volume and no price movement, now that is accumulating.

    • I have been noticing this strange trend on thi
      sstock for the last 4 weeks where a very small block of
      100 or 200 drives the price down and then there is a
      huge block of 20-120K traded. Someone has been
      doctoring this whole process pretty well which means the
      price on this baby is gonna run up after Thu
      Also the spreads have been sometimes as high as 1/2. I
      have been seeing this for the last 2 weeks very
      carefully and suddenly this one goes down on small volumes
      to sub 11 and boom....someguy buys a big
      Well I am not sure if this is good or bad(good for me
      and bad for guys who sell it at those levels) but I
      will catch as much fish as I can in the bottom till
      Wed(I assume this will go for a day or two max) cuz
      looks like definitely there is gonna be a

      And as per my predictions based on gut feel, SIPX
      will beat the street estimates very well. Thu is the

    • Thanks for the link and welcome to this

      I got half way through and scanned the rest. It's
      full of
      situations that market markers use to pad
      their own account
      and rip off their
      clients/customers/suckers. It's OK with
      me that they ( the MM's ) make
      their money on the spread -
      fair enough, they have
      to make a buck, but when they engage
      in collusion
      with other MM's to move the price I get steamed
      they are breaking the law. It appears that the best
      to catch them is recording their phone

      I would think that a near 10% price move on zilch
      would warrant some type of closer look by big
      Does anyone have some info on what is needed to
      MM investigations? There's been a couple big moves
      scant volume in the past week.

    • I think you'll find this interesting. It's as rough to read as a government report, but that's because it is.

    • It looks like the same stuff that happened about
      a week ago. VERY low volume with high percentage
      losses. I hope there's going to be a big run up next
      week. Then again, what person on this board doesn't
      hope for a big run up for SIPX?

    • Why have we dropped from 13 1/4 to under 12 on total volume of under 70,000 shares? Are MM's still accumulating in anticipation of a big run up later this week?
      Any thoughts?

    • I believe means in my opinion. Just guessing though.

    • for your kind reply. IMO it's going up also. That's why I bought some.


    • ...and it's going up IMO too :-)

      Don't forget - earnings on Thursday before the bell.

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