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  • steve_382 steve_382 Sep 26, 2011 3:19 PM Flag

    Is this a gift at $16?

    I am almost thinking about getting back in this (if I had any money left). Is the market expecting earnings to fall off the cliff? Some other issues (EPA)? I haven't seen any news either positive or negative.

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    • Steve, I should have said they were stocks which did badly, were bought this year, and for which I think there might still be a good upside. I used to have more of my portfolio devoted to small stocks, and I understand your point, but in recent years they have appreciated much more than larger stocks. My biggest holdings are MCD, CNI, ATRI (only because it has appreciated a lot), SIAL, POR, CASY. Outside of CASY, I have had shares of each stock for years.

    • Thanks for the list. I must say RAVN has done better than I expected - did you notice ACO said (last CC I think) they were losing some lining business to plastic?

    • That's quite an interesting list. Aside from ADM, they are very small and also appear to be profitable at first glance. As you know, I like to have some of these small companies. It's something the bigger guys either don't or can't do, so I think it gives us a bit of an edge. I saved them to a watch list and will do a little research. I am almost 100% invested in the market again, so this current rally is probably going to fail. Below is my list of holdings starting with the smallest position first and largest last. LATI is just a gamble from a message board tip. They have no revenues yet, but claim to have a disruptive technology for cleaning water used in frac wells and other industries.

      THFF is my old bank stock that I just keep for old times sake and the 3% plus dividend. I would say I have about 2/3 of my holdings in companies that pay dividends. I still think my HURC (CNC machine tools) will be good if Europe doesn't fail. I have been adding OFI on the recent fall in the share price, but it's time for them to show some results. They have been talking about improving earnings and revenues for a year now and nothing good has happened.


    • Yeah, me too. I missed out on 10 points upside, but I bought a bunch under $3 a few years ago and thought I should take profits.

      Wonder why the drop?

    • I'd wait for earnings and then see if it is still very cheap. I agree that there are a lot of oversold stocks out there, including possibly this one.

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