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  • sam_0534 sam_0534 Feb 24, 2011 7:58 PM Flag

    EXC recommendation

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    Above the Oily Fracas

    by Glenn Williams

    Two domestic utility holding companies appear to be immune from the oily turmoil in the Middle East and the volatile legislative and regulatory environment in Washington. They are overcoming the current recessionary pressures and are in solid position to weather challenges ahead. These are best-in-class utilities for good reason -- they went all in with clean energy. Exelon and NextEra Energy are domestic energy holding companies. They are not just your grandmother's utilities; these are companies with smart strategies aimed at clean energy. And their investments are paying off. For the past decade, Exelon and NextEra have been focused on developing and owning clean energy production. Each year they add more and more renewable energy to their portfolios. In addition to adding wind and solar plants, both companies reduced their reliance on coal to a point where it represents a de minimis amount of their power...


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    • That's nice, but what does it take to move this Mule. DOW up 80 today, EXC Down $0.01

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      • The utility group as a whole has not been performing well lately. Maybe a merger announcement would jump start the group.

      • Wind and solar are the problem. Wind and solar never pay for themselves before the equipment/panels wear out or become obsolete. States won't let EXC pass along all the costs to recover expense.

        Coal and natural gas are dirt cheap compared to wind and solar. The infrastructure for coal and natural gas is already there.

        So if you want EXC to move up then suggest to management that they quit throwing shareholder money away and ivest in cheap energy supplies like coal and natural gas.

        America can't have it both ways, either America uses what is reasonable to produce energy, or America goes broke wasting money on alternate energies that will never pay for themselves.

        Do you want energy? Or do you want to live in a cave like the environmentalists would like you to do?

        Sheeple continue to get fleeced by the environmentalists in America while the rest of the world laughs at us.

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