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  • nyjets_0001 nyjets_0001 Jun 21, 2012 6:19 PM Flag

    Cramer 6/21 show

    Answered caller Q about EXC. got the dividend wrong @4%. He is shocked with his dozen of recent calls on EXC and acting much worst. Then went on to say his picks are dominion, duke & con Ed.

    well I'll take 5+ div. and hopefully ride it out for the 2014 turnaround !

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    • i have 500 shares of EXC and it has paid divys as follows:
      3/9/12 $262.50 / 500 sh. = $0.52500
      4/11/12 $ 72.88 / 500 sh. = $0.14576
      6/8/12 $189.63 / 500 sh. = $0.37924
      That is by any calculation a 6 month divy of $1.05 and an annualized divy of $2.10.
      can someone tell me why all published data shows a lesser divy?
      many thanks....

    • Your right richard.these star war figures that stop in the middle of road to look at there map, possibly could cause a detour in a persons life.

    • I sent Morningstar an email regarding the misleading yield number (yahoo gets their data there) over a month ago. They thanked me but said since the company characterized the early (pre-constilation portion) of Q1's dividend as special it can't be included in their number. I sent a note to EXC's IR people, and they thanked me and sent me an annual report. I sent Cramer a note tonight during the show.

      I should just keep my mouth shut and contine to buy at these low prices. In about five weeks the next dividend will get declared and the market may come to its senses.

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      • E*Trade shows the dividend correctly at 5.6%. I find it hard to believe a "misprint" can cause this much confusion. Either way, this debacle serves as blueprint for "how not to" programs everywhere.

      • Watch the video. He gets the Info off the computer. Sees the 4% then gIves opinion. As you said, the DB is incorrect and this mis information eaten by Cramer influenced his response.


      • The Cramer prime time hour is just another side show put out for laughs and giggles but little else. Cramer is just another CNBC talking head who preaches about things he knows little about. If you look at prior shows in which he touhed on EXC, without fail he threw kisses at EXC saying how well managed it was and that the dividend was a sweet cherry on this already tasty pie. He talked like he knew EXC inside and out. But tonight when talking about the dividend he mentioned that it was 4%?? I mean, really? Anyone who truly follows this company knows what the divy truly is. Saying it is 4% testifies that he preaches like an expert but knows like a novice. I get so tired of these so called experts who are no better than investment quacks looking to sell some potion that will put too many in the poor house if swallowed. Ans then there is EXC. Another red day. Another sad tale.

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