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  • wstbrook wstbrook Jun 22, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    Cramer 6/21 show

    E*Trade shows the dividend correctly at 5.6%. I find it hard to believe a "misprint" can cause this much confusion. Either way, this debacle serves as blueprint for "how not to" programs everywhere.

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    • well the real issue here isn't the CNBC clowns in their face paint and bozo outfits. It isn't the full array of sites that have gotten the dividend mixed up. It isn't even the price of natural gas and Twinkies. The real issue is the stale green color of this stock and the lack of any real process to make it palatable to the investment community. AS expected, at the time of today's rant, EXC is, well, down again. Drill down a little more and let's all ask ourselves how a massive, national company can go from $90 just a few short years ago to $36 and change today. I put $70,000 into this at just over $40. I really thought I would get a quick grand or two. Wrong. I didn't do my homework and just looked at the colors on the Ester egg and bought. Now, being a trader, I am forced to sit and wait for any breeze to send this up. It is certain that breeze won't come from management.

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      • this is fun isn't it. I've been rereading their proxy and watching closely their announcements. I have no confidence in this management. They just filed 3 times with the SEC, because of mistakes, in their 8k filings. The SEC had to find them. They have 18 BOD and more executives than you can imagine. They also take spouses on numerous outings. Rowe has 60 hours of plane time allowed for him...he is retired. In short, they are spending money like a drunk drinks, while indicating earnings are to be flat/down. And while I know many have scrwed up the dividend, it is .525...for now. I'm concerned they won't maintain this dividend and that's what's holding this stock up. so to speak. Start writing to the major shareholders. State Street, Vanguard, Blackrock. They do have a fiduciary responsibility to their holders.

      • < I really thought I would get a quick grand or two. Wrong.>

        Amen brother. I bet there are a carload of us out here who were watching the same see-saw pattern, bit, and got stuck. We know that as soon as we sell the price will leap back over 40. Foolish really. We should get out and move on to more promising investments.

    • I think that EXC will go past $40 quick as next div is announced. At least a nice 6% boost in a few days.

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      • I hope you are right. However, reading and watching this company at work does not give me confidence in the management team or the way they spend money. In investor relations the have a VP, a director, a manager, and two Principal analysts. (Who knows how many more?) I get more information pushed to me by my news feeds than any other company. I don't need to know about ice cream socials, or local baseball games or teams they may sponsor. Yes, I do want to know about filings or outages or a unit coming back online,and of course dividends, but the other is just publicity. I suspect $250k could be saved here alone. Who knows, they may have a publicity dept also, which would make IR's size that much worse.

      • I think most of us wish it would go over $40+ sooner.

        I think it may be a longer wait.

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