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  • juryman07 juryman07 Feb 17, 2010 12:31 AM Flag

    The solution is so simple.

    Take away the monoply profits, excessive pay, bribes to Congressmen, sweet golfing junkits, high priced lawyers scamming customers and chiseling them, expensive PR lies on TV,
    WLP prices would be 40% lower!

    Health care would become affordable
    for millions again!

    But WLP greedists won't tell the truth. WLP is evil. It must be totally destroyed. Health is a right, not a source for exploitive profits.

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    • "Health is a right, not a source for exploitive profits. "

      I am glad to read your opinion that this is all so simple. I'm reassured that the end of all this is near.

      Do you say health a right like intelligence and coordination are rights?

      Do you mean, simple like this? - "Never let a crisis to to waste" - Rahm Emanuel

      Can you please explain how exactly you propose to finance this right?

      And can you please explain physicians' incomes?

      Thanks, dear.

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      • Brainwashed people have closed minds.
        Go ahead and fail to see the light!
        Others will understand. 99% of Americans would prefer to pay 6000 a year and not 9000 for health care insurance. So solution is simple.


        Doctors will still make lots of money. But useless middlemen and middlewomen WILL make not a cent!