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  • pmfunk pmfunk Feb 22, 2010 2:16 AM Flag

    Doctor Doctor, Mr. MD. Part 4

    or sing in this commercial? Let’s see my lines are:”Ask your Doctor?” Where is the long list of contra-indications that I have to warn about? I will never remember all of them on camera. Can you please make me several cue cards for all of them, Nurse beautiful. I make more on these commercials, then I do Doctoring. I’m in the wrong field, I guess. Maybe I will go back to school and get a degree in communications.

    Ins. Clerk: Remember Doc. back in the 50’s, Patients use to be pay with cash, you would even make house calls too, in your big fancy Cadillac, remember those big tail fins you had? and the bottom of your medical bag was full of prescription drugs too. An office call was it $4.00 or $5.00? Then back in the 30’s, you even took chickens for your services. At least we all ate back then, and had some extra money besides.

    Nurse: Life is Good and Getting Better? Right Doctor, that is what you always say, to little old me!

    Doc: Nurse, take this Sickpoint check for you today, till Tuesday. Give everybody a big bowl of green Jello until I get back Tuesday at 10:00AM. Have a good weekend, and say some prayers for all my patients but especially for Sickpoint.

    Doctor Feeling Good,

    In the 50’s there was NO::
    Health Insurance; Monthly Premiums; Deductibles; CoPays; In-Network:Out of Netwok
    PMD’s; HMO’s; Pre-certification Authorization required
    Re-Billing over and over; 800 numbers; Fancy Bonus @ Insurance Co.
    Fancy Big Insurance Bldgs.; 20 forms to sign at a Doctor’s Office to sign and release; Junk mail for all kinds of Health Insurance
    Prescription Part D; Medicare Part A; Medicare Part B; Donut Holes
    Insurance clerks at Hospitals, Doctors, and Insurance Companies
    Lobbyists all over the place; Pill Pushers from drug companies
    Drug Commercials “Ask Your Doctor”
    Average longevity in 20 civilize countries Was less than in USA, now it is TWO years Longer; Now we can not afford, to smoke, yet life is lots better now? Right? or Wrong?; We have come a long way Baby!!!
    PS>This is all a Parady and is not met to represent anybody in real Life.

    The End
    =and Thanks for Reading, hope you are Concerned, and will help to turn this insurance nightmare around. There has to be a smarter way, to run things for a High-Technology world/country, that we now live in.

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    • I read somewhere that Cuban longevity compares to ours and their babies and moms do better than in the US. They spend $600 per person per year on health care. Of course, they don;t have all the fancy medical technology some of us have access to, but they treat their people's health as if it is a human right. In the US profits nearly always comes first. That is wrong. Especially since, we can see that unregulated capitalism brings terrible bouts of unemployment that can least years. The people should come ahead of Wall Street, too. Obama can make nice speeches, but he doesn't really stand for the things he sometimes talks about. His people are for WAR in faraway places and appeasing the very rich. We really don't have a political party that is for PEACE and REAL ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. That shouldn't be. The Soviets always said we had a phoney democracy. Now I know what they meant.