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  • vetfrc vetfrc Oct 4, 2002 1:42 PM Flag

    My Opinion

    Well since we are giving opinions, here is mine: NAPA was always the number one Auto Parts Supplier. I believe that is changing for the following reasons.
    1) Talk with some NAPA Jobbers, ask them how much help they get from the DC. When was the last time a General Manager or Sales Manager worked with them one on one to improve his Jobbing store from not only a sales but an operational standpoint. It is not the GM or SM fault they are to busy closing stores or attending meetings or writing reports. Ask the NAPA Jobber how many of his fellow Jobbers have closed, been changed over or bought out by GPC in order to try to keep the distribution. If you think it is a good idea of GPC owning Jobbing stores out in the territory, you need to look at the profit or lack thereof on these stores. Ask the NAPA Jobber how long it takes to receive his credit from the DC and what that is doing to his cash flow.
    2) Local stores: ask the manager, assist mgr, or salesman how many hours they are expected to work each week. These people do burn out. Ask them if they have enough counter people or truck drivers. GPC has wonderful sales meetings about increasing sales, yet the people on the front line will tell you they don't have enough help to take care of the business they have.
    3) Employees: Ask some long time employees about turn over and how many good parts people have left the ranks of GPC over the last few years. The company is so focused on making the quarterly numbers it has forgotten about the long term relations with the NAPA Jobbers and the employees that made it number one in the first place.

    Not that the opinions above matter to GPC or any of you that the read this board but I believe the top management of this company has failed to address the serious problems that are happening everyday in the heart of the operation.

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    • You are talking about the Jobbers. Are they nation wide or are they a very localized group?

      What is wrong with buying out Jobbers that are going under to protect the territory? The Company Owned Stores are up for sale if a Jobber wants to come in and purchase them. That is a very commonly known point.

      As far as burn out is concerned, I do agree that that can happen. All I was saying to Napafree2 was why did it take 30 years???? I don't understand that. If you can explain why it took 30 years I will listen.

      You are right you are entitled to your opinion and I am a GPC supporter. I don't say all the reports and meetings are necessary and probably they do keep the management out of the field and from spending as much time with the Jobbers as they would like but I don't think that for the most part the Jobbers are treated that badly. If I am wrong, please prove it and I will be willing to concede that point.

      I will admit that I don't know how long it takes the Jobbers to receive their credits and if that is a problem then why not call the corporate headquarters and complain? I am just asking.

      As for the employees, I know and have met alot of them over the years and there is a very long list of lifers out there. They have stayed with the company anywhere from 35 to 45 years and have no regrets.

      Granted the company may have lost people to competition, but that happens with every business. I will also concede that some of them were worth their grain of salt in the field, but I will also say that I have knowledge of people that come to work for GPC from the competition and they are nothing but a bunch of hot air. The competition was glad to get rid of them and lied about their qualifications.

      Now that is common practice in the business world, when a corporation sees the chance to get rid of a less than desirable employee and beat paying out unemployement. GPC has probably done it themselves.

      You are wrong when you say that this board doesn't want to hear these things because I am very interested in any opinion and will not condone nor condemn that opinion.

      The world is made up of different opinions and I would like to see and hear them all, no matter whether they favor or disagree with mine. I would like to think that I am open enough to take any and all critiziam that is around.

      I can't learn if you are silent. I am not always right but I don't think I am always wrong. I just may not have all the facts and that is what I am interested in.

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      • my_opinion_counts: As I said in my previous message if you want to get insight into this company talk to the people in the field. In my opinion I think there are problems with morale of both the employees and the NAPA Jobbers. You asked if I thought complaints over credits were a local problem or nationwide, I am not sure. I suppose GPC could sent out a survey form to the NAPA Jobbers and ask if they are satisfied in the time it takes to receive credits. Nah, they probably wouldn't want to do that... I don't have much time to post on this board so I am sure several people will be glad when I say good bye for now.

      • Be carefull with inviting open comments on genuine management or jobbers here. If you have an open mind or want to hear it all You will be soundly pounced on by the respective guilty parties defending themselves. Have seen this time and time again with other posters. They just don't want to hear negative opinions.

        Good luck, basically the pundits have run all the information freaks away. I am with you, I want to hear it all good, bad or ugly.

        I have to agree with the other poster on GAP. I know employees from that company that did very well and left a few years because of the management. GAP was a better run company especially in the moral department.

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