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    A lot of folks leaving. Retiring, terminated, and just bailing.

    From Gm's to Division Managers to some top brass.

    What concerns me is that nothing new or creative is coming from Atlanta. The same old programs.

    If we are losing so many, I would sure like to see someone or something exciting from the boys that are left back east.

    Are gallager and prince to well off and old to give a crap anymore? Are they running these folks off? Who do they have in mind to hire and generate excitement within this company? We need some young, creative and determined minds at napa that are given the freedom to take some damn chances!

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    • I'm not sure if this is old news or not but I see that AZO has snagged Jesse James of W.C.C. and Monster Garage fame as a spokesperson. This guy sure is popuplar with all the gearheads out there. Any thoughts??

    • hotwh33lsman: What a bunch of BS. Sounds like you are trying to kiss up to management so you will get your promotion? Good Luck. You better hope they don't notice the 15 minutes of company time you wasted on this board. Did you ever find that missing inventory, or was that why GP was down last qtr?


    • Nah - I only changed it because there's no "Double Dog Buy" button to press. The beauty of the GPC stock for me is that I just work harder and smarter and I can make a difference. Maybe a small difference, but with 30,000 people like me, it makes a difference. A major factor between AZO and GPC is the people. People who feel ownership in the company. Galat, you seem to have a GPC past, you know what I'm talking about.

    • Yes, and "Maddafinga!" my favorite curse word.

      Yes, sales is strong, people are excited. Its a good time to be at GPC.

    • Sorry, the excitement on this board makes me sleepy. Did you guys find that missing inventory ? I noticed you changed your recommendation from a Strong Buy to a Buy. That makes me nervous, spill the beans what is it you know, Martha wants an answer.

    • Hot,
      If you know double dog (buy), you also know frageeleah. Love that movie.
      Back to business, I feel strongly about the company although I don't currently share the people bond you and Galat refer to. I do believe Bob Susor will have a positive impact and the biggest impact (of all the recent changes) in 2004.

      Some of the vendors appear a tad stronger. Exide will emerge shortly and we all should have bought Eaton a year ago. Like to see Dana situation get settled.

      January sales numbers I have seen look healthy.

    • Pro: Re: Now that we know the answer to the APG President question, the other key position will be to address the open position at NAPA. I'm sure Larry S will be in on that decision, but I'm speculating it won't happen much before April. As to why GPC/NAPA Hq's doesn't announce these changes directly to the stores...A good question to which I don't know the answer. Pro, as a store owner I can tell you that Larry S will bring you better programs, but will expect you to do something with them. He is a very hardworking disciplined man and expects the same from everyone in the NAPA family. As an investor, be comforted , because there are few in the organization that understand the market as well as Larry S. Expect big things from him because he will do big things.
      RE: Vegas betting, I don't bet and I haven't really follow football since Vince Lombardi died...ok maybe Tom Landry.

    • If you like GPC, then, you may also want to check out CREB !

      Sales & revenues of CREB are growing........

    • Who is CREB? Why would I want to invest in them? Galat and Vet, where did you guys go?

    • "I actually thought they went out of business in the early 90's"...

      That is a good testament for purchasing their stock. I think the guy who wrote that may be looking to unload his millstone.

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