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  • diamondflower48 diamondflower48 Aug 27, 2004 8:33 PM Flag

    GPC at it again

    Anyone hear the latest? GPC is finally taking over the filter and brakes sales forces. This has been a long time coming and can not be a good thing for the NAPA store owners. These 2 groups are really sales driven and perform to the highest level. It will be a lose to all jobbers who rely on these groups for increased sales efforts. Another chance for GPC to take the added discount from the manufacturers to the bottom line and not support the stores with representation or price decreases.

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    • Well, with all the gossip on the board I decided to check with my filter rep to see if there was any truth in changes in the sales force...... no filter rep quit and is no longer with the D.C. He apparently was not comfortable with his job security. So whether it is rumor or fact, the issue is having an effect. He was one of the better manufacturers reps.

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      • Obviously, since the last posting was so long ago, this "rumor" probably isn't true. Your rep that quit, probably decided to do something that they have wanted to do for a long time now. If it is who I think, he has been around for awhile and has decided to move on. Most of the reps with filters love what they are doing, and are pretty confident that this is just rumor and they will all have jobs once the sale of the AAG is final.

    • Hemi,
      No, not a GPCer but know a lot of them. Flowers answer on jumping was purely his perspective, I was looking for an objective response. Guilt? Yeah, because this stuff should not be done in public. Would I talk to friends if I knew info like this to be true? Yes, in private. The public airing of rumors doesn't help anyone. I did not hear the Tenneco guys took a hit, you certainly have more info than me. I also don't have any insight on Alaska.

      Everyone can agree to disagree about this system selling. My problem with Flowers is he is tossing these rumors around with no regard to the damage he can cause. Maybe he is a CQer as he is more help to competitors than NAPA. Maybe one of those newcomers to AZO stirring the pot.

    • Thenumber33,

      You must be a GPC employee. You have some information on the matter. When you put the qestion out, about jumping ship, an answer was given. Now you lay a gilt trip on Flowers. Come clean.
      If someone I cared about was about to loose their job or be moved into a position they might not be comfortable with, I would let them know. Just as you would. The reason GPC wants to keep this quiet, is so reps won't quit. It guarantees brake and filter reps on January 1, 2005. If the word gets out, which it is, people are going to leave. Tenneco boys took a 1/3 to 2/3 pay cut going with GPC. Just ask one of them. Look where the Echlin boys landed. Take a Dana employee with 15 years in dosen't want to end up without a job 01/01/05. Finding out December 15, 2004 that you are now part of the "System Selling" may not be the path chosen. Leave now before the market is flooded with brake and filter reps.
      This is not a good move for Brakes or Filters. How many surveys are going to get done? How many tecs are going to see why NAPA Brakes are better than Bendix? These two groups will see a steady fall of market share. Look at Alaska. Tell me system selling worked up there.
      If I had any pull in Alanta, I would fight for dedicated manafacture reps. They are good for the business,good for sales, and customer relations. Anything else is purely for profit on both sides.

    • Now, from what I can tell, Vet and Flowers are not reps. However, they feel comfortable speaking for that group. I would like to hear from actual NAPA Dana guys if they have some kind of vendetta for Washbish and McCormick.

      If your info is correct, did you give any consideration to the panic you have caused for these reps? Is a chat room any forum to announce the news which directly effects their income? I know you wanted to be the one with the scoop and obviously could care less about the impact. Please be sure to tell the one giving you the info that you were the leak. Then he or she will know you are a kind, trustworthy, caring individual.

    • Flower,
      Based on the success of the existing GPC sales teams, I would have to totally disagree.

    • Please expound on where you got your information. As a current rep of one of these product lines, this is news to us. I would be interested in knowing how accurate your sources are. Mr. Samuelson says the opposite, and does not like the "Group" concept from what I am hearing on our end.

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