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  • mfieldrayloc mfieldrayloc Feb 24, 2006 9:05 PM Flag

    Morganfield Rayloc Changes

    I don't know if everyone out there knows about all the changes at our plant,but I'll fill you in on some of them.Since Mr. Gaffney has replaced Charles Allen for about 1 year now, we have had some major changes,some good, alot bad.What did some of the other plants get for Christmas,when Mr. Allen was in charge of our plant we at least got a ham for Christmas,when Mr. Gaffney took over WE GOT NOTHING because he said he saved the company about $40,000,WHAT A GRINCH.We started a 5s program,our brake shoe line ceases to exist in March,How was your day?

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    • invnapa,

      Any new info available on this?

    • June has come and gone and this stock has done nothing but take a dip, I'm sure glad you are not my financial advisor. Looks like Wall Street has took notice to the poor workmanship going in to the reman parts from Rayloc. Piss more fulltime employees off, hire more temporary workers, work them a month, lay them off, hire more temps to replace the ones laid off.Work them two weeks, lay them off, hire more. The circus continues and the clowns in management get funnier. GPC should charge admission tickets to see the show. Better luck forecasting next time.

    • Well, Its been a long time since I heard anything about Rayloc. Does anybody know what happened to Paul Lecour?

    • invnapa,
      Any news other than Rayloc news? New stores, new acquisitions, new people, new businesses?

    • gpcemp**

      Sorry. I am not at liberty to discuss these projects in detail until they are fully finalized. I will keep you udated as things progress. Good Luck.

    • invnapa

      That is great news. Care to share where?

    • 324napa Mar 24, 2006 7:38 AM Flag

      I am glad to see expansion on your part. The more Napa's, the better it will be for all of us. The multistore acquisitions require lots of money. If the independent jobber were to take on this project, he probably wouldn't have the additional capital to be "up to the task". It's difficult to find growth on long term debt. That is what makes an "undesireable jobber". I know there are a lot of underperforming stores that need to be replaced or bought out. I just don't see the younger people stepping up. Not enough dedication or motivation. Growth is a slow and painfull. To grow quick, leads to insufficient funds. But once you reduce debt, you start to realize growth is attainable. I would take this person and match him with any company run parts store. He's not hand cuffed with policy or certain products. I think it doesn't matter if it's rural or metro. If Napa would look for these type owners, and continue to add company stores, we would see the growth we all want. I don't have a way of knowing, but I would bet that Napa's most successful stores are in towns of less than 100,000 population. And more than likely 50 miles away from their distrbution centers. Just food for thought.

    • gpcemp**

      You are correct on that. We have a number of COJ's that are not at all in a large metro market. In fact, we have recently purchased one large multi-store group and are currently in the process of purchasing another, albeit, much smaller group, in the same rural market. In order to grow the number of stores in line with the goals we have set, we are not limiting ouselves to any set "metro" markets. With many stores, as in the case of the aforementioned multi-store groups, we have found the independent jobbers to just not be up to the task of taking market share. In these instances we have often found it is just better to buy out those weak and complacent owners so that we can step in and take back market share. In this way, we are growing the business, whereas the previous jobber just couldn't find a way to get it done. You will likely find this to be the trend over the next few years as we "weed out" the undesireable ownerships in favor of a more aggressive attitude from our company owned stores. This should tickle wall street and our shareholders. As a GPC employee, you will see resulting tremendous opportunities within our fine company. Good Luck.

    • Dear gpcemp,
      good stock answers Mike.

    • Beg to differ, Moparguy!

      Not all COJs are in large cities.

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